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Whilst possessing a modern office design can help a business to better cater to the working practices of its employees and create for them, the ideal working environment, the design of the office also plays a part in how people perceive the business.

According to industry insiders, more people than ever are choosing the places in which they work based on the interiors of the workplaces on offer. It makes total sense when we think about it; a better-defined workplace that will give them all the facilities they need to let their particular talents shine through, will leave them happy and content. This is the ultimate goal that anyone looks for in their working experience, so how can an office design attract (and keep) talented people as it strives to build success?

How can modern office design attract talent?

A major part of how a person perceives a business is through their first impression; what they see the moment they step into any room of the building. Generally, people will relate what they see with the business that resides in the spaces they visit; now imagine we're going for that job interview. If that first impression is one of a dull, lifeless, unsurprising and grey environment, it's likely to colour our view of the business. What we want to see is a space that is modern, forward-thinking, comfortable and able to help us in our work; a first impression that will have us champing at the bit to work for the company.

What branding or culture is present within this modern office design? The creation of branding (giving the business a unique identity) tells us that this is a 'professional business and is aware of its market'. The culture that is built up around the branding will give an insight into 'what it's like to work there'. The likelihood is that if the business is able to create a unique branding identity, it will have a unique culture. Have them both and we have a fantastic place to work at.

People vs. Office fit outs

In the past, too many workplaces were not built around how the people who used it worked; instead, the workers had to bend their own preferred ways of working around the limitations on offer. If you’re looking to get the best out of a person’s talents, this is never an advisable road to go down and is precisely why modern office design is flexible in almost every aspect. Whether it’s desks, chairs, technology, even the set-up of rooms and the number of different amenities on offer, the best office fit outs know that they need to engage with the workers in order to lead them down the right road, not inconvenience them by redirecting them down a way that they aren’t sure about.

Finally, more businesses than ever will use rewards (or ‘perks’) to build up that strong company culture, helping their employees to feel more involved in the success of the business. Some big companies will offer things like days out or free gym memberships, but rewarding hard work and success does not have to mean ongoing extravagant gifts. A big factor in modern office design is the importance of the breakout room; an area of the building set aside for employees to relax in comfortable surroundings away from the stresses and strains of work. Not only can one work as a ‘recharging station’ for them to destress and collect their thoughts but it can be used to host informal meetings, to undertake teambuilding exercises, it can even be made into a cafe or bar for everyone to celebrate success.

If the business can get all of these aspects right, then it will have a facility that will provide an impression of ‘a community’, instead of ‘somewhere just to work’. Communities make people feel involved with its interests, they help them to learn and grow in their field, they give them the opportunity to build up relationships and a rapport with their fellows and ultimately, they allow them to enjoy their working days. Who wouldn’t want to work for a place like that?

Looking to improve your office interiors? Get in touch with the experts

For over 25 years, the team here at Oaktree Interiors have been creating office fit outs for all manner of business types and industries in order to attract new employees, to provide better facilities for their existing workers or to grow their services and expand their brands. If you're searching for ways to improve your facility, we can help you to achieve your ideal workplace design.

With many more people now judging their place of work based on the facilities on offer, it may soon become vital that a business is able to set that right first impression with their office interiors. Business growth in the South East of England has been vast within the last decade, thanks in no small part to a migrating pattern of businesses and people coming to the area to work, creating an extremely competitive market. Modern office design may soon become the prerequisite for businesses to attract talent, as well as gain vital contracts.

If you would like to speak to us about how your business would benefit from a new office fit out, our team will be delighted to hear from you. Give them a call on 0345 21 86955 or send an e-mail enquiry to hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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