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Currently aged between 21-35, the 'Millennial' generation is quickly becoming the most-dominant age group in the workplace.They represent a 'middle generation' if you will; relatively young, yet they've already established themselves in the workplace and still have many decades to go until retirement. It is no surprise then, to see a trend of office fit out companies in London designing workplaces around this generation's particular needs.

What are the 'needs' of Millennials? How are office fit out companies in London meeting them?

Millennials will generally look for more opportunities to collaborate in the workplace; their ideal working environment is one that is flexible and less linear. This creates more openness in the areas in which they work, allowing them to go about their tasks in a manner that is better for them (rather than the office dictating how they should work, perhaps placing them in an uncomfortable position).

Then there's the technology that we have available today. As they've grown up with the rapid developments in tech within the last two decades, they are comfortable with anything that has a screen.Therefore it is essential that they are given the opportunity to work with the right technology that will give them all the support they need to produce their best work.

This generation is also aware of the effect that work has on their health, perhaps even more so than any previous generation. With stress being such a major factor in low productivity, placing concentration on wellness in the workplace will help in the battle to negate such issues. This is why Millennials want to work for a business that values them, their health and what it takes to provide the ideal work-life balance.

To achieve all of this, office fit out companies in London recommend:

  • Collaboration areas that provide employees with the opportunity to gather together and work on projects or to brainstorm ideas. This can be achieved by the introduction of breakout rooms,booths that bring people closer together or informal conference facilities that can seat more people than either yet retain the same collaborative style.
  • More comfort, which further allows employees to find their ideal working conditions. As we all feel comfortable and content at home, office design for Millennials has an increasing 'homely feel' to it; couches, lounges, fireplaces, televisions and kitchens are all part of this office design trend.
  • Flexibility in the design will give employees the opportunity to choose where they work in the building, who they work with and what they work with. Whether they need to work alone in a quiet room, to collaborate in an open plan office, if they need to stand up or sit in increased comfort in the breakout room; the design options are almost endless.Also, if you consider that flexible design allows for an easy reimagining of the office space, it can easily be adapted in the future, by office fit out companies in London, to fit the requirements of the next generation of workers.
  • Branded design not only helps to give the business an identity by stamping its logo and colours throughout the workplace, but it can also help to inspire and motivate employees too. Everyone wants to feel like their workdays are productive, that their contributions are helping to improve the business that they are a part of. By giving their workplaces an identity, a business can create that feeling of belonging to something; helping to provide that inspiration and motivation that will push employees on to create great work and allow them to contribute to a positive, collaborative atmosphere. Creating a community that will be ideal for the long-term retention of talented employees too.
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