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What makes an office a great place to work in? It is somewhere that, although providing us with challenges each day, actively assists us in our work, helping us to improve. A great workplace is also one that caters for collaboration between workers, creating a sense of camaraderie and a unique, friendly atmosphere that everyone can feel comfortable in (and a part of). These feelings of self-improvement and attachment go a long way to creating a dedicated workforce that pushes the business towards success.

Did you know that the way your office design in London is configured has a massive bearing on all of these things?

The need for great office design in London

Being one of the world's most well-known and respected cities, London is a fantastic place to do business. Not only does the area provide a large, worldwide client base, but the reputation it gives to a company will unlock a wide talent pool for them to tap into.

The issue though is competition. Being massive and vibrant will mean that similar firms will be battling with each other for trade, aswell as talent. Whilst offering the best service to your clients is an obvious solution to the ongoing battle for trade, the question of attracting the best talents is slightly more difficult to solve.

Whilst many people may point to the amount of pay or additional benefits as attractions, it isn't always the monetary aspect that motivates people to create great work. As they have to be present in the same environment for the majority of their week, the quality of the facility they have to work in is fast becoming a vital factor in an employee being attracted to a business.

A survey carried out by a leading coworking provider earlier this year indicated that millennials (the age group that are currently 22-37, the future of the workplace) are more likely to choose the company they work for based on the set-up of its office interiors. The survey revealed that:

  • A FIFTH of workers rejected roles because of the'poor look' of the office.
  • Almost HALF of British millennials deem coworking their ideal way to connect with people.
  • Nearly ONE IN THREE British people find their current offices uninspiring and boring, with a fifth of that number reporting that their interiors make them feel stressed.

So how can a business go about creating a better office design in London?

Thinking smart with your office fit out

It isn't a coincidence that successful businesses all have unique, vibrant workplaces; the design of their offices help to inspire the creativity, teamwork and productivity that is needed to create the services or products on offer. Whilst different businesses will have bigger budgets than others to invest in their office facilities, it isn't necessarily a big budget that wins the game – thinking smart does.

Here is how smart office design in London can help:

  • Creates a great destination. Let's be honest; work can often be difficult, seeming like a chore. So how can a business avoid their employees from feeling disconnected and unhappy when they turn up for work every day? Creating an environment that is engaging, functional, fun and healthy will be a great start; it will more likely help them to look forward to getting into work, cracking on with their projects and collaborating with their fellows.
  • Provides engagement. The best workplaces are the ones that actually work with employees, shaping its functions around how the workers operate, rather than them, having to change how they work in order to suit the limitations presented by the office. Is it any surprise that people feel frustrated that they cannot let loose their particular abilities because the facility they use doesn't allow them to? With smart office design in London, you can place flexibility at the heart of your workplace, allowing each employee to take better ownership of how they work; whether that's the layout of the office, the technology or the furniture.
  • Fashions a company culture. What makes a business truly unique? As competitors offer the same products, their uniqueness lies in their approach to their work; an approach that is cultivated by its company culture. A big part of the culture is branding; this speaks to people, informing them that the business they're dealing with is professional and inimitable. For employees, a clear culture gives them an idea of 'what it's like to work there'. If that workplace branding is uniform and dull, it will reflect on the culture of the company,which in turn, will inform a potential employee of what it may be like to work there. The company may well have a great culture and be a vibrant place to work, but if it doesn't portray that in its workplace design, it's always more likely that a talented worker will choose to work in an environment that connects with them, rather than one that seemingly doesn't.
  • Makes room for 'perks'. There is more to a workplace than the areas in which an employee has to perform their duties. As an increasing number of businesses are becoming more aware of the health and wellness of their employees, they are introducing areas away from the working arena for their employees to relax, recharge and to generally forge a camaraderie. Creating amenities such as tea points,break out areas, quiet rooms and games facilities in your office design in London, are all great ways of making employees feel valued and committed to producing great work for the business.

So, why not think about improving your office fit out from today?

High-quality office fit out in London, by Oaktree Interiors

If you are indeed searching for office design in London that can help to shape your working environment to the needs of your employees, the team here at Oaktree Interiors are on hand to help.

Having been involved in the industry for over three decades now, we have seen how the requirements of each generation have changed the way that offices are designed. As a result, we are able to help you establish a completely bespoke design that is able to meet the requirements of your staff,as well as make a great first impression on your clients.

Please feel free to browse our portfolio that illustrates our wide and varied experience, creating all manner of different office environments for the many different business types.

To find out more, please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0345 21 86955 or send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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