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The business community in Hertfordshire has been booming in recent years. Its proximity to London and its comparatively low rental rates has seen many a development take place in the county. As a result, many talented people are looking towards its towns to live and work.

One of the factors in creating this attractive hub is great office design in Hertfordshire. As their ‘home away from home’, an increasing number of talented professionals and potential clients alike are gauging the qualities of the business through the look and feel of its office space. In this blog, we’re going to look at why great office design in the area is important now, and in the very near future...

Why office design in Hertfordshire matters

As experienced office fitters here at Oaktree Interiors, we always say that the spaces we work in should be able to work alongside us, rather than us, having to work around its restrictions. If an employee is simply ‘plonked’ at a desk, with no scope to adjust themselves into positions that they would feel comfortable in, then it’s unlikely that they will feel comfortable going forward. How will play into the work they produce?

The work; it goes without saying that without the sufficient equipment and tools in place for someone to do their job with, then they’re never going to do it (at least to any great quality). Providing everything they could need is one thing, but actually implementing them is another. Have they got easy access to such equipment? Can they get together with their colleagues to discuss strategies, without disturbing others? Are there even facilities for them to take a break in?

Aside from aiding the functioning of the business and the working practices of employees, here are some other reasons why office design in Hertfordshire matters:

  • Retention (and attraction) of talented employees. The best assets of any business are those who make it a success; the employees. In order to help them to produce great work for the business, they will need to be catered for; given all the equipment and facilities they need to best display their abilities. It can be said that a major frustration of many workers is that their workplace doesn't aid them in their work. If this is indeed the case, many employees may look elsewhere for work, negatively affecting the business.
  • Clients. The interiors of a building say everything about its occupants; the condition it's in, the atmosphere it generates, the tools and equipment it houses...these are all aspects of an office design in Hertfordshire that potential clients will look at when forming their initial opinion about a business they're dealing with. If that first impression they see is one that shows a functional workplace that communicates professionalism and a happy workforce, then the business will be on the way to closing a sale, without them having to utter a promotional word.
  • Business Branding. The ultimate way to communicate what the business is 'all about' is through the branding that is bestowed on the workplace. Giving an identity to the business reflects professionalism; it shows off its philosophies towards the work it produces, how it cares for its employees and values its customers. If the branding is able to communicate this in a positive way, employees and clients alike will be encouraged of the professional approach of the business.

The growth of South East & the need to compete

The trouble is that Hertfordshire isn’t the only area that is experiencing a similar growth and prosperity; nearby counties such as Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Essex are also benefiting from London’s high rents and great transport infrastructure. This provides a high level of competition for local businesses to deal with; with the trump card of the affordable rents not at play here, it will be down to how the business is able to portray itself that may prove to be the ultimate factor in them being able to experience success.

Added to the need to compete, will likely be the UK’s upcoming withdrawal from the European Union; the terms of which, are still to be agreed. With everything up in the air, the current climate is proving to be difficult for existing businesses that may trade internationally; many believe Brexit will be negative, denying them easy access to a large market, whilst others are predicting that large economies outside of the EU, will be more inclined to do business in the UK once she leaves. The truth is that we are unlikely to see any major change for a good few years after the country leaves. Regardless of the result and the eventual state of markets that a business may trade in, it’s important for them to prepare for a great office design in Hertfordshire now; establishing a strong brand that is able to continue to compete for clients and new employees throughout the next decade.

Improve your office design with Oaktree Interiors

If you’re looking to transform your workplace to inspire and motivate your employees, then we at Oaktree are on hand to help you to realise your ideal office interiors. Having been involved in the industry for other 30 years, we have built up an extensive knowledge and industry-leading expertise of creating bespoke office environments that work alongside the business, helping to push employees to the next level and impressing clients alike.

For more information on our service regarding office design in Hertfordshire, please feel free to give us a call on 0345 21 86955 or alternatively, send an e-mail to us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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