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We’re almost two decades into the 21st Century (where has the time gone?); did you know that in many workplaces there could be as many as FOUR different generations working in them? From the vastly experienced veterans approaching the twilight of their careers, to the education leavers, tentatively placing their foot on the professional ladder for the first time.

Whilst such a melting pot of experience, know-how and talent can produce the perfect mixture to help a business to achieve its aims, it’s important to be aware of the effects that the environments they work in has; office fitters can help to cater for each generation.

Why is it important for office fitters to cater for different generations?

The workplace is all-encompassing, as people spend the vast majority of their time there, the environment it produces can have a profound effect on their mood, health and general wellbeing. It’s only when all three are aligned that a person, of any age, will feel motivated and able to produce great work. This is why many businesses put much thought into the interiors of their buildings.

Of course, each generation will approach working life from different angles; whether that’s their basic philosophy towards how they work, to simply ‘that’s all they know’, the point is that any forward-thinking workplace needs to be aware of how its people are likely to operate.

To put it simply, each different generation will need different working environments to achieve maximum productivity, help to increase skills and to improve job satisfaction.

Here are the four different generations you may find in the workplace and how office fitters may help to cater for them:

  • Baby boomers (born approx. 1945-64). The end of the Second World War brought with it a need to look towards a more prosperous future; a ‘boom’ in birth rates followed as did an improvement in healthcare and housing to help this new generation to flourish. Also provided was a skill set that gave this generation a ‘job for life’, which allowed for them to have an extensive knowledge about the trade and the company they work for. Valuing productivity and hard work, they generally prefer to communicate face-to-face rather than use e-mail. Whilst this generation will become a rarity in the workplace within the next decade, their experience and particular personable skills should still be the heart of any public or client-focused office space.
  • Generation X (born approx. 1965-1979). With much of Britain being in economic decline during the 1970’s, the people of Generation X had to learn how to be resourceful. The ‘jobs for life’ were gone, with many industries reduced or simply eradicated. Their skill set is generally much wider than the generation before (and after) and as a result, can turn their hands to most jobs in the workplace, whether that’s being personable and client-facing, to learning about new technologies and using them to complete their work. Above all, they require office fitters to create a workplace that can be flexible, suiting their nature.
  • Generation Y (born approx. 1980-1994). Often referred to as ‘Millennials’ (due to their ‘coming of age’ failing in the early-2000’s) Generation Y are adept at using technology in all aspects of their life. Whether it’s work or play, they can turn their hands to a multitude of devices to go about whatever it is they’re doing. As a result of their affinity with technology, they are able to tap into markets that older generations may be uncomfortable with; ‘virtual friends’ may not even be a concept that Baby Boomers understand, for example. This perhaps makes Generation Y less likely to be as personable as previous generations, instead, they are focused on what they need to do and will need the time and facilities to go about their work, with few distractions.
  • Generation Z (born approx. 1995-2009). The upcoming generation of workers have been using technology from a very early age. Even before they could even talk, they were tapping away at a mobile phone or a tablet, learning how to play games before understanding the rules. They’ve grown up during a global recession, which has led to a climate of job insecurity last experienced by their Generation X parents. As a result, they are looking to quickly put down roots, to find a role they are comfortable in, one that can progress their skills, ultimately earning them money to pay off those student debts and for a home of their own. Like their parents, they’ll flourish in an environment that is flexible; not necessarily due to a vast skill set but more to do with the need to use the latest technology that has made the stationary desk a relic of the past.

It's important to remember that not everyone will fit the template that 'their generation' sets out. As individuals, we're all different, all affected by the environments that we grow up in; it could be the case that a particular Baby Boomer is extremely au fait with the very latest technology whilst a Millennial won't be. As such, it's important that the right balance must be found with the design of workplace; professional office fitters are able to assess the different needs of the workforce and can help a business to achieve the perfect balance.

If you're looking to shape the interiors of your office to better serve the needs of your multi-generational workforce, why not get in touch with us here at Oaktree Interiors?

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Here at Oaktree Interiors, our office fitters have many decades of experience, creating bespoke workplaces for all manner of business operations. No matter the size or type of workplace you represent, we can guarantee that our team are able to put together a design plan that will help to cater for your workforce, pushing them on to the next level in creating great work for the company.

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