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There's more to our existence in 'work' than just turning up and getting on with the job in hand. With the majority of roles requiring 7+hours of work, 5 days a week, what we experience in our occupations has a major impact on our lives. If we don't feel happy, equipped or content with our work existence, we'll suffer. If we suffer, the work we produce also suffers.

This is why the design of many an office fit out in London has been tailored to the requirements of the people who work within it; co-working is one such method that is designed to provide a positive impact.

What is co-working and why is it growing within office fit out in London?

What is co-working and why is it growing within office fit out in London?

To put it simply, co-working sees the usual barriers between different departments (and often, different companies who use shared offices) brought down so people can work side-by-side. Quickly growing in influence throughout the world, one of the core fundamentals behind this practice is to encourage interaction between workers; creating communities that would not otherwise exist.

The added benefit for many is that co-working also takes care of some of the issues that plague the modern business; high rents and long leases that are unattractive in regards to their terms, as well as being very expensive (in a monetary sense). The emergence of co-working and the rise in small independent businesses, self-employed and freelance workers is no coincidence;co-working spaces provide the best value, most productive ways in which to work.

So how can co-working make employees happier?

The great thing about adopting a co-working layout in any office fit out in London is that it is incredibly easy and straightforward to do; the plethora of flexible technology and high-speed internet that we have at our fingertips being the fundamental reason behind this.

Here are some key points as to how co-working can make employees happy:

  • Provides a boost for autonomy and productivity. Having great personal connections with other employees can help to provide emotional benefits, as well as boost productivity. Co-working groups people together and flexibility allows them the option to choose to move around to connect with different people, often indifferent office environments. Fundamentally, a better level of collaboration and rapport will always lead to better productivity, self-improvement and a better quality of work; all elements that make a person enjoy their working day in an office fit out in London.
  • Creates'a sense of belonging'. Working in the same space with other people and connecting with them, even if it's just a short chat around the tea point, can help to change the outlook that someone has on their work environment. What about if there's a dedicated space in which employees can grab a spot of lunch and exchange their ideas, building up a natural rapport without having to undertake any formal (and time-consuming) meetings?

In short, employees are more likely to feel a sense of belonging to their office fit out in London when they're given the flexibility to collaborate with their fellows. When professionals create strong connections with each other and experience a degree of success through them, they are more likely to feel a part of their company; making it harder for them to leave, severing that bond. Co-working provides the ultimate flexibility in any workplace.

  • Designed for the generations. The openness, flexibility and collaborative nature of co-working offices are perfect to meet the requirements of what will be the largest generation of employees that will exist in the workplace for the next few decades. Millennials (people who are currently aged between 22-37) make up a large percentage of the national workforce and so it makes absolute sense to lend the design of the office to their particular requirements.
  • Offers remote working capabilities. Whilst, in the words of Dolly Parton, '9-to-5,what a way to make a living' may have been true for the majority of businesses in the past, recent times have seen those hours shift enormously. With different demands placed on our everyday lives and businesses being more global than ever, it may be the case that some workers would be better off working remotely.

Co-working offers a great way to keep any offsite workers in-sync and connected to those who work inside the office. So not only will it help them to balance their working and home lives more effectively, their working happiness will be boosted by the ability to stay connected to the team during times when they aren't there.

Those are just a few of the many benefits that co-working can bring to a business. If you're thinking about improving your own office fit out in London, then why not consider such a set-up yourself?

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