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It can be easy to take the design of an office for granted, but everything we do, or use is influenced by the design of the environments we exist in. Playing a key role in how everyday products and services are delivered, environments that contain some of the best designs are creative and encourage innovation – making great office design an important factor in the success of a business and the core of business growth.

In this blog, we're going to be taking a look at the different areas in which a well-designed office could help with the growth of your company; from creating better environments to work in, right through to making them attractive enough to use in your promotional materials in the race for winning new business.

Your office says A LOT about your business.

If you consider the amount of time we spend at work, it's no surprise that many people would like their working spaces to be personalised to allow them to feel more comfortable. Whether it's an extra plant, a picture on the wall or any personal effects on their desks, creating a 'home from home' will help an employee to settle down and feel ready to concentrate for the day.

Aside from helping in a functional way, bespoke office design also reflects the attitudes of the company; to outsiders, as well as employees. Any custom design that is helping employees in their work is part of creating a positive image of the company; creating a mindset that 'this is a business that values its people and the products/services they create'; somewhere that's well worth being a part of or doing business with.

scalable office design

Great workplace design will encourage collaboration.

Today's office designs require spaces for privacy and areas for energetic and active group debate. It should provide enough space for employees to work, play and socialise together, boosting productivity in the process.

This is why some of the best workplace designs encourage a range of collaboration methods to develop new ideas and move concepts forward. People tend to work better when they're allowed to take ownership of how they work – spontaneous ideas are better cultivated in comfortable, informal environments, whereas processes are better laid down in more formal meeting environments, for example.

The design of your office will reflect your company's culture.

Great office design will instil a strong sense of identity amongst your employees; not only will this help them feel more comfortable in taking ownership over their work, they're more likely to feel attached to the company and therefore more likely to want to stay on. A strong company culture (as mentioned above) can also work to create a positive reputation too; attracting new talents and winning new business.

An open office encourages communication.

An office that places openness at its core can improve communication across all of its departments. An office design plan can improve overall productivity by reducing the time it takes for employees to perform tasks and complete projects on time.

While open offices are better for collaboration and communication, steps should be taken to ensure employees still have individual working areas to focus on. Providing them with an option to work in a quiet, interruption-free area will allow them to maintain their focus, while still giving them easy access to communication and collaboration when necessary.

designing your office for scalability

Giving employees control allows them to do better.

As we've already touched upon; giving employees the option to control the environments in which they work is one of the biggest factors in boosting productivity and thereby, aiding the future growth of the workplace.

Things like adjustable desks, lighting and temperature controls and a variety of work rooms will increase job satisfaction and improve team cohesion; this can only have a positive impact on business growth.

An efficient office design will also save time and money for your business by streamlining your workflow and processes. You should plan your design by considering how much space employees need and what type of design will work best. In a world where technology is commonplace, it's important to place human interaction and nature into the workplace to promote productivity and wellbeing; having good working environments will mean that people are going to be happy, which can only further play into them creating more great work that will help the business to grow further.

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