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Doing business in one of (if not the) biggest business centres in the world has many advantages; a massive client base, a great talent pool and an esteemed business address. Then there are the potential drawbacks that a location like London brings, namely the numerous amount of competition that you'll need to face both for clients and the talents that can push firms on to grow and achieve.

A method companies of all sizes use to express themselves, their philosophies and brand to clients and staff alike is by hiring designers of bespoke office interiors in London to help them realise their ideal office fit out.

The importance of bespoke office interiors in London

You would have doubtless seen pictures of trendy, open plan spaces that are accompanied by claims that these things can boost the productivity of the staff who use it, as well as improve their collaboration and general mood. Is there any truth to these claims, though?

The answer is that office interior design can have as a bigger a influence than you may think on first glance at those pictures; not only on the performance of current staff members but also on the business' prospective applicants and clients too.

So to expand upon this answer, here is the impact that great office interiors in London can have on your everyday work environment:

  • Impacts employee productivity and the general mood. Like all beings, we respond to the environments that we find ourselves in. We are especially influenced by lights and colours, with certain colours even having an effect on our moods. This is why a 'dull colour' will not have any major inspirational effects on a team and instead,communicate boringness, which will create feelings of low energy and morale.

However, if employees are placed in an office space that is well lit, uses colours that are both engaging and aesthetically pleasing, the positive feelings that this environment creates will be reflected in the work they produce. If they feel both comfortable and stimulated in their working environment, this will only lead to a better, more productive office.

  • Attract new talent (and retain old ones).Whilst in the process of applying for a role, most people will perform an internet search beforehand, to see who the company is, what exactly it is they do and what it may be like to work there. This is why it's important for any business to establish their own web presence, with imagery of their office included. Applicants will imagine themselves working there, wondering whether the environment is right for them. If the decor of your office is presented as being 'dull and uninviting' as opposed to being 'fresh and modern', then this will deter them from applying.

Then there's the interview process to think about. It's often thought that the interview is designed for the employer to get know and to understand the employee, determining whether they are right for the role. It actually works both ways; the employee will quickly understand whether working for this employer would be right for them,based on what they experience inside of the office. Make that impression a great one.

  • Gets across what your values are. Whilst the age-old adage 'don't judge a book by its cover' can teach us much about looking deeper into something that presents itself to us, the truth is that we do judge a book by its cover; it's how the cover portrays itself that leads us to look inside of its content, to learn what it can do for us. The same goes for office design; your office portrays who you areas a business, what you value and ultimately, how you can help the person who is viewing you (be that potential employees or clients).

The state of your office interiors in London can become an extension of your branding, as it sends a message about the potential (probable) quality of your services. As an example; if you portray yourself as a tech-savvy company that is up-to-date with all of the latest trends in the industry, your workspaces need to reflect this with great quality tech installations. Don't be afraid of placing the personality of your business on the space; it helps to create a unique feeling; just keep it professional.

  • Creates a multi-purpose space. The'classic' view of an office is the cubicle farm; a floor space that was occupied by 1-person booths that separate employees from each other, as well as the wider environment. This type of office fit out has more-or-less disappeared in favour of 'open' office designs that allow for collaboration and the opportunity for staff to have a break away from the intense self-confined atmosphere of a cubicle. A multi-purpose office may include a range of different meeting rooms, relaxation and gaming spaces, kitchen and dining areas, and yes, even booths for those who need to get on with their work in peace and quiet.

That was our guide to why you may need professional designers to improve your office interiors for your London business; if you would like to learn more, why not get in touch with us today?

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