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When it comes to improving office interiors in London, things are changing. There is no getting away from the fact that artificial intelligence and virtual reality technologies are already influencing the ways in which we live. This can already be seen with things like voice (or 'virtual') assistants such as Siri and Alexa, which help to find us information, record reminders, monitor the weather and so much more.

Whilst we're still very much at dawn of the technology, it isn't a stretch to say that such devices will grow in their usage, even changing the ways in which we work in the future. As such, how can something like a voice assistant change how our workplaces function?

How can a voice assistant change our office interiors in London?

Even right now, there is already a multitude of functions that can be performed by the average voice command application. A business can already use one to find out information or record something; within the next few years, we can expect their abilities and functions to grow even further. As such, they will become commonplace in our workplaces, as we rely on them to make our own jobs much easier.

Here are some ways in which a voice assistant can potentially improve the functioning of our office interiors in London:

  • They can provide a productivity boost. With more time to devote to other areas of their work, an employee can delegate a number of tasks to a voice assistant, streamlining the time they spend if they would otherwise do it themselves. Whether it’s setting reminders, finding information, even keeping notes, a voice assistant can help an employee to quickly go about their work. As such, their productivity will likely go up and what’s more, with the technology helping their working processes, it’s likely to improve the quality of work produced too.
  • Automating meetings can be made much easier by the presence of a voice assistant. Just imagine if you could walk straight into the meeting room and get on with it; no messing around with notes, no ringing up and waiting to join other people in the meeting, you can simply call on the device to ‘start the meeting’ and it will do the rest.
  • Improved communications can also be achieved with the addition of a voice assistant to any office interiors in London. These devices rely on technology known as NLP (Natural Language Processing) which makes use of AI and machine learning to take a spoken phrase and translate it into written text. As time moves on, the capabilities of this tech will only improve, allowing professionals to communicate and collaborate with each other in a more effective manner. As an example, a voice assistant is able to be integrated with software that allows people to communicate through phone or computer devices and take notes or identify key points in the conversations that may need to be revisited.
  • Data organisation is so often the bane of trying to complete something; this can be improved by the addition of a voice assistant. Instead of trying to manually search through large amounts of data, the user can simply ask the assistant to locate it for them, saving much time when going about their work.
  • Accessibility is another aspect of an employee’s working experience that can be improved with the addition of a voice assistant. For those who may experience difficulty using certain technology (or simply aren’t able to), a voice command may make it easier for them to complete their tasks easily. It may even open them up to new tasks and rules that would not have been otherwise possible in their previous environment.

Why we all should improve our office design for the future

The abilities of a voice assistant is just one of the many reasons why businesses should be thinking about improving their office interiors in London. With the nature of modern technology being fast changing and flexible, it is simply paramount that the set-up of our workplaces reflect this. Without recognising the need to improve our working environments to better cater for modern technology, as well as the upcoming workforce of tomorrow, we will simply be left behind.

If you are a business owner, looking to improve the look, feel and functionality of your workplace, then make sure you get in touch with the experts. Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have spent many years within the industry, creating modern, functional environments that have made a real difference to the working practices of our clients. No matter your requirements, we are able to design and create your ideal working environment for what you want to achieve now, and in the future.

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