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With offices around the world slowly reopening, the Coronavirus pandemic has made businesses rethink the set-up of their workspaces – both for short and long-term benefits. The focus has been placed around combining remote working with in-office working; the right balance can provide employees with the confidence that they are able to get on with their daily tasks away from the office and manage their personal lives.

As a result of this, some offices will have more excess space than before – this is where an office refurbishment can help. It can transform these empty areas into places where employees can connect, collaborate, be inspired, or relax and recharge. The aim will be to create an environment that works for the employees; they work for the business, so providing them with such a facility can only have benefits for the present and future of the organisation.

What benefits can be gained with an office refurbishment geared towards collaboration?

In the longer term, it is likely that firms and employees alike will want to bring down these collaborative barriers in order to grow a more close-knit team. An agile office design will be ideal to suit both periods; an agile office is one that can be quickly changed and adapted to suit an employee's needs as and when. No additional office refurbishment needed.

Here are the benefits a refurbishment can bring to a workplace with increased collaboration in mind.

  • Better space usage – A collaborative workspace brings people together in a shared environment; by doing this, they will consolidate the physical space needed to individually accommodate employees. This will reduce cost, maximise floor space and encourage more efficient use.
  • Better socialisation – A key aspect of collaborative working is the socialisation between people. It will be much easier for employees to get to know each other(and as a result, how they each like to work) if they share the same immediate workspace. Informal communication (in areas away from the 'working arena') should be valued too in any planned office refurbishment too. This is because close-knit friendships developed through daily collaboration will eventually lend themselves to a higher standard of work, both individually and collectively.
  • Better business flexibility and agility – Having more space dedicated to collaboration will support employees as they keep pace with a fast-paced business climate. Working together speeds up problem-solving and productivity, helping the business stay flexible and adaptable to changing work.
  • Better productivity and motivation – One of the best aspects of collaboration is that it works as inspiration for people and teams. Being isolated is far more likely to put a damper on productivity and motivation if nobody is there to give you help or encouragement. An office refurbishment can help to turn the dullest and most uninspiring workplaces into bright and engaging offices.
  • Better knowledge through a greater pool of talent – A collaborative workspace will typically be a diverse collection of skills and experience (often purposefully so). The more each employee knows about their peers' responsibilities and contributions, the more it will improve their own jobs. This will slowly help to streamline their work and encourage personal development – doubtless feeding back into the work they create.
  • Better workplace culture – The workplace's culture is largely determined by employee sentiment. Grouping people closer together and encouraging daily collaboration will have a profound effect on how the culture is shaped. Socialisation, problem-solving, and talent pooling will create close-knit teams that are more likely to hold the values of the company in the work they produce. The sense of community that a culture brings will help to attract and retain employees,foster a positive atmosphere, and encourage meaningful contributions.

These are benefits that are gained by businesses who approach their collaborative office refurbishment projects in the correct manner. The first step will be to identify the benefits of a collaborative workspace, then to understand how employees and the business can prosper from the change. Finally, those ideals should be communicated to encourage employees to buy into them.

And this is where we at Oaktree Interiors can help.

Build a strong workplace for the future, with Oaktree

If you believe that your company will benefit from specialised workplace refurbishment, you should consider getting in touch with the professional team here at Oaktree Interiors. Our experienced team, with more than 30 years of expertise in the industry, have been at the forefront of office design and refurbishment innovation. We are focused on improving employee productivity and workplace wellbeing in all of our projects, as well as reflecting the unique identity of the company behind the office.

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