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Throughout the last few years, we have undertaken many different kinds of office design projects in London. Being not just the UK centre for business, but also one of the world's largest centres for commerce too, the need for firms to be able to equip and inspire their employees, as well as impress clients and visitors, simply cannot be overlooked.

Here at Oaktree, we believe in creating office interiors in London that are bespoke to the businesses they serve.In the past, the design of many workplaces would dictate how the employees were able to work; placing them out of their comfort zones, affecting how they're able to work.

Recent decades have given us a better understanding of the effect that workplace interiors have. It simply makes more sense to design the workplace around how people would like to work, rather than them having to compromise themselves. As a result, the likelihood of a rise in productivity, enthusiasm for their work and rapport with fellow team members will be much higher.

So to give you an example of the bespoke office designs we have created throughout London, we're going to cover some of them in this blog.

Examples of bespoke office interiors in London

Here are some examples of London office interiors we have created in recent years:


A supplier of tailored security services, UniTrust Protection Services (UK) Limited were seeking to upgrade their outdated and dark office into something that was more modern and functional. Based in Wembley, the space we had to work with was 2,900 sqft and the timescale was 10 weeks.

In order to create a more vibrant, team-focused space, we created a breakout area that helped to get people away from their desks. The opening up of the main entrance allowed for the creation of a wider, more appealing space that would place a positive impression upon visitors. We also updated the 'hub' of the office; their control room was made professional and practical, allowing it to be used comfortably and easily for its use 24 hours a day.

Sun Hung Kai Financial

Based in the heart of the City of London,Sun Hung Kai Financial (UK) Ltd are part of a leading brand that provides financial services to leading global institutional investors throughout Europe,the United States, Hong Kong and Singapore. Their brief for us was to create a contemporary office environment throughout 2,700 sqft of space that reflected their brand and corporate identity.

We designed and built office interiors in London that included new meeting rooms, a board room, informal meeting areas and a reception area. The working areas were open plan, with room for 30 staff members with additional amenities including a breakout area and kitchen for staff to use and relax in.

Christie & Co

Christie & Co are a leading specialist advisor for buying and selling businesses in a range of industries. From hotels, pubs and restaurants to retail, leisure and medical sectors – their aim is to give their clients access to a carefully-managed network of potential buyers.

As Christie took over the running of a1, 500 sqft space, located in Blackfriars, we were given 9 weeks to convert a dilapidated shell and core (devoid of any infrastructure) into a modern 'client zone' that would accommodate for employee-client interaction, as well as help with potential future growth of the business.

The works included the modification of their entrance area, as well as the creation of a new reception. Also requested was a flexible meeting zone that was able to accommodate multiple small-medium meetings, as well as being opened up to allow for larger 'town hall-style' meetings. With several bespoke finishes included,we designed and installed new WC facilities, a beverage area and a relaxed lounge environment for informal conversations and general collaboration.

Haberman Ilett LLP

Providing accounting and financial expertise in the context of disputes, Moorgate-based Haberman Ilett LLP approached us with the task of creating new office interiors that would allow for increased functionality for their employees. Seeking to get their project completed to the highest standard in the shortest time scale possible, Haberman chose us based on our design plan and industry knowledge.

Getting the project done in a timeframe of 8 weeks, the 5,000 sqft of office space included a range of colourful and natural tones throughout the design, with vinyl flooring to evoke a 'wooden effect'. Two separate meeting rooms were added to one end of the office floor, along with a segregated kitchen area. Overall, these office interiors in London were designed to make as much use of the space as possible, allowing Haberman to increase the number of desks to cater for expansion over the coming years.

Thinking about improving your office interiors in London?

Please feel free to take a look around our case studies section to learn more about the different bespoke office design projects we have completed throughout London and the South East of England. Each page contains a detailed description of the jobs we've undertaken, as well as clear,high-resolution imagery to give you a much deeper insight.

If you're interested in learning more about our work or if you intend to improve your own office interiors in London and need some advice, we are always on hand to help. You can give our expert office fitters a call on 0345 21 86955 or send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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