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Thanks to improvements in technology throughout the last decade, functionality has become increasingly important in the workplace of today. The flexible nature of new technology has made it easier for an employee to choose somewhere to work, rather than them being fixed to the same workstation. This has caused a shift in their working behaviour, which in turn creates a shift in how the facilities they work in are designed.

Different people have different working needs; placing a person in an environment in which they have to change the way they work will provide them with an impediment. To get the best out of their skills, the office interior design on offer should be flexible enough to meet whatever their requirements may be. So how can a functional office design be made to suit everyone's requirements?

Creating the ideal office interior design for everyone

Here are four types of workspaces that may help to get the best out of everyone in the workplace:

The Collaborative Workspace

Teamwork is the cornerstone of any successful business. Regardless if employees need to work on projects together, to brainstorm, provide customer service or design and develop, they will need an open, functional space to gather and collaborate. Open plan office design offers the ideal working arena for collaboration but businesses hoping to get the most out of their teams should also consider introducing areas such as breakout rooms and kitchens that offer the same collaborative and teambuilding possibilities in a more informal environment. In terms of 'working furniture', aside from ergonomic office chairs and desks, items like project benches, high benches, formal and informal sofas should also be considered too.

The Social Workspace

One of the main ambitions of any business should be trying to retain talented employees for as long as possible; office interior design can play a big role in achieving this. It can probably go without saying that people are more likely to stay with a business if they enjoy the atmosphere at work and are able to build meaningful relationships with their fellows.

This is why more businesses are including a 'social aspect' to their workplace design. Whether it's a relaxing games room, a bar, an indoor garden, even a gym; these areas draw people in, create discussion and build those meaningful relationships and a better in-work atmosphere. All of this would ultimately lead to better collaboration, leading to the creation of better work for the business.

The Focused Workspace

It wouldn’t be prudent to expect everyone to work in a collaborative environment all of the time; whether they have to write a report, analyse, deeply think about something or if they have to make an important phone call, them being present in a noisy environment wouldn’t be helpful. This is why it’s important for all forward-thinking businesses to include rooms or spaces in their office interior design that are specifically marked for quiet working.

The Public Workspace

Most businesses will need to host clients or undertake interviews with potential employees in their offices. Whilst their experiences of the business they visit will be of what goes on in the meeting room, the sight of the reception they encounter when walking through the front door will create their first impression. If a business places great thought into creating a comfortable, attractive reception/waiting area design, then it will play greatly into that first impression. You know what they say; first impressions make all the difference; if a business can reflect a professional, friendly, innovative image to the public, it will be a huge factor in them being seen as something worth investing their time, money or talents in.

If you’re looking to improve your own office interiors, then why not consider these four important factors of flexible office design?

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