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Teamwork is the cornerstone of a successful business; it helps to strengthen the links in the chain that pulls together to get the business moving in the right direction. It's probable that if you run a business, then the ability of someone to complete their tasks is affected by how they're able to work with others. This is why, in order to cater for their teams, many forward-thinking businesses turn to office interior services to help them to get the most of their workplace.

A constant mantra that we talk about in our blogs here at Oaktree Interiors is the need for the workplace to compliment the working practices of everyone present; if the natural working flow of employees has to be diverted because of the limitations of the workplace, then it's hardly going to help to create great work.

If you’re looking to better shape your workplace to create a stronger bond between your employees, read on for some tips.

Why office interior services stress the importance of comfort in the workplace

Firstly, before we talk about improving teamwork; let’s talk comfort. Consider for a moment, how long we actually spend at work. Throw in a commute and it’s likely that on average, an employee will actually be spending more time at work than relaxing at home. As such, shouldn’t the facilities at work not be comfortable, flexible and as customisable as possible in order to allow them to perform at their best? We’re not talking about rolling out the armchairs and having a television remote in easy reach but if a person doesn’t feel comfortable, if they don’t feel in a position in which they are able to perform at their best, then they are unlikely to perform at their best. This will affect their working practices and in turn, those of their colleagues and eventually, the output of the business.

Creating office spaces that work for employees

Here are some methods office interior services use to create workspaces that help to foster the teamwork needed for the business to be a success:

  • Open, comfortable spaces allow everyone to sit together in one space. There are no barriers; either physically (through walls), nor will there be barriers according to job title or seniority. Everyone will be able to sit in the same place, on the same chairs (perhaps even beanbags, whatever you want!) and be able to share ideas and thoughts freely. Not only does an open space help to spark creativity, it also creates transparency, allows people to ask for help and generally makes everyone feel like they are all part of the same team, working together to achieve success. The addition of an open space doesn’t just give those from the same team an opportunity to collaborate together, it also gives people from other areas of the business an opportunity to get together and better understand the roles, responsibilities, working practices and current news of everyone else too.

  • Space is an important factor in creating a great atmosphere (in the office as well as on a planet!) Nobody wants to feel restricted in their work; they need to be able to move freely and comfortably, setting up their ideal levels from which to work at. Giving people space will also give them the freedom to approach their colleagues and speak about their work, helping to improve collaboration, teamwork AND the actual work in hand in one stroke. Could this happen as often if you’re squeezed in a tiny cubicle desk, or against a wall with no space to maneuver?

  • Created by office interior services, Kitchen areas not only give an area for people to store, prepare and eat their food in, but it also provides a great opportunity for them to sit with others and chat, fostering genuine bonds between colleagues. Such bonds will be important back in the ‘land of work’, as when help is needed to complete a certain task, an employee can better communicate with someone else who may be able to help. And what’s more, with a kitchen area giving them an area away from work, an employee will feel catered for and as a result, they’ll likely look on the business more positively too.

  • Mentioning perks and rewards may cause you to gulp at the prospect of the cost, but don’t worry; they needn’t cost the earth. Rolling out perks to teams on certain days, or for achieving certain targets will help to give them a boost as they strive to complete their work and ultimately, improve their overall enjoyment of their working experience. Even something as a ‘free drink Friday’ can help to hit the twin aims of; rewarding a dedicated workforce and also, helping to foster genuine human relationships. Everyone has a good chat over a drink, after all!

Looking to improve your office design? Get in touch with the experts

Here at Oaktree Interiors, we have spent over 3 decades providing bespoke office interior services to a wide range of clients in London and throughout the South East of England. With much business growth, especially in the areas immediately around London throughout the last few years, it has never been as important for established firms to improve their facilities now, in order to attract (and retain) a talented workforce.

If you would like to discuss further, how a new office refurbishment can help your business, then please do not hesitate to give us a call today on 0345 21 86955 or send us an e-mail at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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