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Setting that great first impression matters; this is why we go to the expense of buying new smart clothes for a job interview, prepare notes and research for the big meeting or cleverly combine words with attractive images to create promotional materials to give to clients. This is all branding; letting people know all about us in a matter of seconds, without uttering any words in self-promotion. The right branding can make a great first impression; so often the marker that you are judged by.

This is why at the heart of any successful commercial interior design is the branding ideals set by the business. It allows the company to communicate their likes and philosophies, how they operate, how they treat their staff, how they could help their clients.

The importance of branding in commercial interior design

Having worked with many different companies throughout the South East of England to improve their workplaces here at Oaktree Interiors, we have noticed the ‘branding trend’ growing, year-on-year. The flexibility of modern design has allowed more companies to think of their offices as being ‘the home’ of their business because, well, it is the home of their business!

Just like any home interiors, those of a business need to set an identity that creates that great first impression; something that tells visitors all they need to know at first glance. It will need to create a sense of professionalism and originality; to create thoughts for clients about how this business they’re visiting can help them.

This is the ultimate goal of branding through commercial interior design; to provide confidence in people that they are able to get whatever it is they’re looking for. With so many competitive marketplaces out there, setting that great first impression may prove the difference in a client choosing to go with a particular service, or plumping for a rival. But great office design just does not help clients to be impressed…

Great office design: Creating an inspiring place to work

Most people want to feel part of something. It gives us purpose, a drive to succeed in whatever it is we’re doing. As we’re working for most of the week, creating a community in the workplace is important. By introducing company branding within their commercial interior design, a business will be setting that professional identity and culture that will give employees something to rally around, to be inspired by. Getting the design right will only reflect positively in the work created by the business; happy and content employees means great work, great work means happy clients and happy clients provides the business with increased profits and a reputation boost to attract even more work in the future.

That increase in workload may lead the business to expand. With the South East being such a competitive market for talent (as well as for clients), how can a local company attract the brightest and best? Being the facility in which they have to spend the majority of their week in, if the office can provide an inspiring, comfortable experience, with a friendly community and culture that can help them to work and improve their own skillset, this will go a long way in helping to make their decision for them. Sometimes, the size of a wage packet isn’t everything a person looks for in a job; many seek long-term stability and scope to grow, and as such, will be seeking out such workplaces that can offer them this.

If you run your own business, does your own commercial interior design offer the same inspiring, comfortable environment that can get people to connect and work together under one (branded) roof?

Create your ideal office fit out with us

Thinking about improving your own office interiors by establishing your own bespoke branding ideals within their design? The experienced team here at Oaktree will be delighted to help. Our commercial interior design experts have built up a unique understanding of different office design trends and how they relate to the modern workforce and their particular requirements. Living in an era in which branding is vital in expressing oneself, it has become simply crucial to think about establishing one for your business.

Why not browse our case studies page to see examples of the bespoke designs we've carried out for our wide and varied client base? No matter the industry you're in or your particular requirements, we can help you to achieve all of your aims and possibly more. Why not get in touch with us to learn how?

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