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The nature of the vast majority of office work has shifted from a solitary 'cubicle farm' existence, into vibrant collaborative environments in which ideas are shared, partnerships are created and creativity is boosted. Ultimately, collaboration will lead to the creation of great products that makes a business successful. So wouldn't lending the makeup of the office design to collaboration make perfect sense?

A great example of a company wanting to harness the power of collaboration in the workplace is FCA Automotive Services,who have selected us to create a new breakout area within their existing office fit out in Slough.

FCA Automotive's new collaborative office design

Speaking of their workplace; we designed and built FCA's current office interiors back in 2016. Looking to relocate their staff from two locations into a single office, we assisted them with the move, as well as designing their bespoke working environment. Clearly, our work had a positive impact and we were delighted to hear that not only has the company gone from strength-to-strength but also that they wanted to re-hire us to create a new breakout facility.

Located on Bath Road, the office is perfectly located between Maidenhead and Slough town centre, close to the A355 and public transport links. After an initial discussion with the company on how we could incorporate the collaborative facility within their existing office design, we got to work creating a plan that would see the creation of a breakout area that would be able to accommodate as many as 50 staff.

Within the breakout room will be new kitchen units (with a detailed ceiling design), a mixture of low benches and high benches (with bar stools) and some soft seating areas. In addition, we are also creating a new customer-facing 'meet & greet' area that will flow through to the collaboration and working zones. This area will be able to provide the means for informal meetings, with booths and hot-desking facilities allowing for an ad-hoc/flexible touchdown zones.

Further elements of this project will involve us combining the previous tea point, breakout area and storeroom to create a new boardroom. We will also be creating a varying array of graphic walls with new flooring features, a new lighting detail and some mechanical and electrical installation works.

The project will begin presently and we cannot wait to see the further impact that our finished works will have on the company going forward.

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If you're interested in improving the effect that your workplace design has on your employees, why not consider getting in touch with the experts here at Oaktree Interiors?

For almost 30 years, we have been designing and building bespoke offices for all manner of business operations throughout the south of England. During that time, we have kept up with all of the latest design trends and technology, enabling us to not just establish a knowledgeable and trusted business, but also one that stays constantly at the forefront of the changing workplace.

Regardless of your particular requirements,whether you too want to improve the collaborative aspects of your office design or if you need a full-scale fit out, our proven track record suggests that we can help you to achieve your aims.

As part of our service, we offer a FREE, no-obligation consultancy that takes into account all of your aims, the needs of your employees and the set-up of your building, before compiling them into a design plan. Included in this will be mock-up 2-D and 3-D high-resolution images of what your ideal office may look like. So why not consider getting in touch with our team today?

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