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Throughout the last few years, we've blogged much about the developing trends of the workplace becoming more of a social experience. The advantages that can be gained for the modern business are plentiful; offering increases in morale, loyalty and community, what constitutes an office environment is very often, the difference between a business getting the best out of their employees, or not. This strive to place a gregarious touch on the workplace is very much reflected in our latest office design in Maidenhead.

We are extremely pleased to announce that Socionext Europe GMBH have selected the Oaktree team to carry out the design and refurbishment of their Maidenhead office. The project will see particular attention paid to the creation of a vibrant staff kitchen and breakout area to boost social interaction between people.

Our latest office design in Maidenhead

Who are Socionext Europe? What are they looking to achieve with a new office design?

Founded in 2015, Socionext was created as a project between two large Japanese semiconductor companies, Fujitsu and Panasonic, co-owned alongside The Development Bank of Japan. The company designs, develops and delivers 'system-on-chip' products to customers around the world; its focus placed on creating imaging, networking and computing applications for the consumer, automotive and industrial markets. Employing over 2,700 people worldwide, the European headquarters of their operation is based in Langen, Germany, with additional offices in Northern Germany, Austria and Maidenhead.

Based just off the A404, just over a mile away from the centre of Maidenhead, Soiconext's offices at Concorde Park are conveniently located to cater for employees, clients and suppliers alike. Being the perfect size for their operation, the only missing piece of the jigsaw was to create that more 'socialised' environment within the office; somewhere that would allow hardworking employees the opportunity to unwind, relax and to build working relationships with each other, in a less-pressurised environment.

Our office refurbishment brief

Working closely with them to understand their particular requirements, we surveyed the spaces on offer and created our take on what constituted their ideal office design in Maidenhead. This included:

  • A thorough refurbishment of all designated areas, to create a more socialised environment and atmosphere. The look and feel of the new spaces would have to be vibrant and as per the company's branding requirements.
  • A mixture of different seating types in order to create informal zones for staff to enjoy whilst taking a break from their desks.
  • Creation of new and modern ceiling and lighting features that will give the area a brand-new look and feel.

Included in the design will be room for a games area (with a pool table), vending machines, a fully-equipped kitchen, as well as plants, acoustic panels and recycling points to further cater for a relaxing, sustainable working environment.

Our office refurbishment team will be onsite presently and the works are set to be completed to the timescale agreed with the company.

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If you're considering a new office design in Maidenhead, Berkshire or anywhere in the South East of England, why not consider the in industry-leading service we have grown here at Oaktree Interiors?

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The heart of our service is the attention we pay to our own clients. Being the 'home' of a business, the office should reflect the thoughts, feelings and capabilities of those who exist there. Office designs that aren't bespoke to the people who spend most of their time there will see them having to sacrifice how they would like to work around the limitations of the office, placing them in uncomfortable positions.

This is why we offer a completely FREE,no-obligation consultation service that allows our clients an opportunity to see how their ideas translate into an office design (presented in 2-D/3-D images). Why invest in something that you aren't 100% sure will work? The team here at Oaktree Interiors can help you to feel that assurance, so why not consider getting in touch with us today?

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