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What makes a great place to work? An environment that people enjoy being in, learning and developing as they go?

In recent years, the concept of work and how it develops in a physical environment has extended beyond the traditional boardroom and open plan office set-ups. The philosophies behind creating contemporary office design in London has shifted, with an increasing number of businesses desiring more holistic environments that are filled with spaces that can effect behaviours and provide experiences.

This is fundamentally what a 'destination workplace' is. It will provide an organisational culture that supports talent and retention, empowers people and creates a positive brand perception; all aspects that create a space that people love to spend time in. The best destination workplaces are able to give employees the opportunity to share their knowledge, to challenge them and to adapt the space to their own working patterns.

Why you will need great office design in London

As one of the world's major business centres, it should really go without saying that competition in most industries will be extremely fierce in London. Whilst the prestige of having a business in the area will gain plenty of goodwill, the second edge to this sword is that everyone will have to work even harder to direct that goodwill to them.

This 'competition' does not start and end with clients, but also with the very people who make the business tick; the employees. As the years have gone by, more people than ever are becoming aware of the affect that their workplace has on them; making office design in London an important factor to get right. Everyone should be in a position at work where they're able to express their talents, to collaborate, socialise, even something as basic as working in comfort.

By giving your employees the best facilities to work with, you will be well on the way to creating that destination workplace that empowers, inspires and challenges your employees to achieve great things for your company, and themselves.

Creating a destination workplace

Before you think about the makeup and number of meeting rooms, open office spaces, breakout rooms,kitchens, bars, cafes, etc, you will need to pin down what your company culture is. It is this that sets the framework for your office design in London; helping you to understand not just what you need to include but how to include the elements that make for a great destination workplace.

Consider questions to ask yourself, include:

  • What's my mission? Setting out your company mission answers that time-honoured sub-question, 'what are we here for?'It informs your employees and clients of your services, your target market and the key elements of your service (such as the importance that teamwork,creativity or technology has on your company philosophy). Creating a mission statement (and keeping it up to date) is a great way of sending the important 'who, what, when, where and how' message to those who are important to your business; start with your employees.
  • What are my values? Our values convey to people what matters to us. They are the elements that resonate with people, helping them to understand your business and how it can aid them. Common values include; honesty, integrity and respect –take the time to identify and define the values that are important to your business and see how you can relate them to your office design in London.
  • What are my standards? Providing a clear statement of how people are expected to behave, interact, resolve issues and relate to each other, setting standards is one of the most important aspects of any business operation. Whether you run a company that employs 4 people or 4,000, standards are essential in creating guidelines of respectful behaviour and productivity.Standards are the connecting points of the framework of the office if you will.

If you're able to answer these questions,you will be much clearer on the shape that your office design in London must take. In order to take full advantage though, why not seek the advice of a professional office design company?

Choose Oaktree Interiors for bespoke London office design and build

If you're looking to reimagine your office interiors,why not get in touch with the expert workplace designers here at Oaktree Interiors? We have worked with a vast range of businesses throughout the UK over the last 30 years; from new start-ups right through to large firms, creating bespoke office interiors that have a profound effect on their in-work experiences.

Regardless of your and your employees' particular requirements, we have all of the experience and know howto create a destination that will be enjoyed by everyone. To learn more, give us a call on 0345 21 86955 or send an e-mail sales@oaktreeoffice.com.

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