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Creating a working environment that is efficient, effective and responsive is the foundation of agile office design. Offering employees more choice in regards to the type of environment they are able to work in, an agile office is more likely to lead them in feeling more comfortable and catered for whilst in work;two elements that help to push along productivity and creativity.

An obvious factor in catering for the comfort of people at work is the furniture. As most people will be sat down and/or using desks to perform their tasks, them being able to settle into their working day as quickly and smoothly as possible, will help to cater for a more productive experience.

So if you're thinking about taking a more agile approach to the design of your workplace interiors to get the best out of your employees, we've put together some questions to ask yourself when choosing office furniture that will truly be of benefit to your staff (and by extension,your business).

  • What tasks will take place? One of the common themes within agile working is 'activity-based working'; choosing a space based on whatever task needs to be done. As an example, collaboration and teamwork is better suited to large table settings, meeting rooms and even informal 'breakout' areas that have been separated from the rest of the office. This contrasts heavily with the needs of something like detailed working, which may require quiet, private office spaces.

By thinking about the types of spaces your employees need, you will be able to determine what kinds of furniture will support them. For most businesses, there is simply no value in just providing employees with desks; a variety of spaces and furniture types will be expected to support their working and comfort needs. Anything from perch seats, ergonomic desks, sofas, meeting pods, booths and mobile tables add diversity to the furniture aspect of the contemporary workplace.

  • What about integration with technology? At the heart of any agile office design,technology should be a key consideration when you make your furniture choices too. There are the simple factors to think about; ensuring that everyone has easy access to power points, Wi-Fi, etc, but also integration with tech,literally merging screens into the fabric of your workspace to cater for collaborative working.
  • What do staff demand?The workplace is made up of many different personality types and ages. You should think about how your furniture choices are able to support the agile working preferences of each of your employees, and take the time to liaise with them to find out their needs and ideas. As an example of the different types of spaces and furniture that may be needed; older people and introverts may require a space that is dedicated to quiet working (such as individual pods),whereas younger and more social workers may be at their best working in open,collaborative spaces.
  • What about mobility? Having mobility is a massive part of agile office design,so it helps to have furniture that can be moved around easily. Sit-stand desks,tables with castors, pods and booths can all be reconfigured and extended,fitting whatever the needs of the people who use them are. As for the spaces themselves, moveable walls offer maximum flexibility and portable storage systems all play their part in an agile office.

Those were just a few questions to ask yourself when thinking about choosing the right office furniture. There are a few other aspects to think about when selecting the right pieces; such as matching the aesthetics of your furniture with your brand or business philosophy, which will further help to create a harmonious workplace. Why not get in touch with our professional office designers to learn more?

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