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We're all the same because we're all different. Every single one of us has our own personalities, likes and needs that need catering for. In the workplace, this means that different people will each have their own preferred working style; finding a way in which everyone can unlock their preferred working style is key in promoting productivity.

Here, we're going to take a look at how your office design in London can help your employees to heighten their in-work experience, helping them to feel more comfortable, functional and part of a friendly and supportive workforce.

    The different working styles, found in an office design in London

    When thinking about the set-up of your office design in London, it's vital to understand the differences between working styles and personalities. Introverts and extroverts are personality types that relate to a person's behaviour and their approach to social situations; introverts, think internally and are more likely to prefer solo working (often in the same environment), whereas extroverts are external beings who like to work with others and/or in new environments.

    Working styles, on the other hand, refer to the methods by which people prefer to take on their projects. These styles include:

    • Detailed working. Employees who prefer structure and organisation to allow them to tackle problems and to meet their deadlines.
    • Thought-based working. This sees employees given the means to draw on their imagination and potential to make informed decisions and to create synergy within their teams.
    • Expression-based working. An approach that makes use of a readily available support network to connect people and work together.
    • Data-based working. For people who need to take a more logical, analytical approach to their work.

    How different working styles can be integrated within an office fit out

    By examining how people work, you can begin to see how certain spaces would be more suited to their working styles to achieve maximum productivity levels. Here are the different workspaces that can be included as part of your office design in London; do they cater to the working styles of your team?

    • Quiet spaces
    • Perfect for data-based workers to focus on more complex analysis, but also for anyone who wishes to escape the noise and stresses of the main working areas to concentrate on their tasks.

    • Agile spaces
    • Agile office design is important for any type of worker as it offers them the opportunity to work in a diverse setting, away from their fixed desks. An agile space is an area in which anyone can use to focus or to collaborate in an environment that can be changed to whatever the occupants need it to be.
    • Flexible/remote working areas and facilities
    • As remote or flexible working is growing to be one of the biggest workplace trends, offering versatility for employees to choose how they work has potentially massive benefits. Not only does such an approach allow them the opportunity to balance their home-work life, making each of these experiences better, but it will also instil a sense of freedom and trust within them, seeing them build an attachment to the company, always willing to perform at their best.

    So that was how different working styles could be implemented throughout a new office design. If you're interested in improving your own office design in London to suit the needs of your employees, why not consider getting in touch with our workplace design and build experts today?

    High-quality, bespoke office design by Oaktree Interiors

    Throughout the last three decades, the team here at Oaktree have been creating bespoke work environments that cater to the individual needs of employees; creating functional workspaces that get the best out of their talents. As a result, we have established a leading service in the creation of office fit outs; our drive to constantly keep up with the latest trends and innovations in design and technology keeping us at the front line.

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