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When you're trying to evaluate if a service can help you to achieve whatever it is you're aiming for, it can be frustrating when you're met with a wall of jargon. How on earth can you make any decision if you don't fully understand the process you're investing in?

Take an office fit out as an example; you may often see the terms 'Category A' or 'Category B' used to describe different design variations. Being a project that has a massive effect on how the employees feel and how well they're able to work, it's important to get the office design spot on in order to stand a chance of business success. So what's the difference between the different varieties?

Office fit out types: Explained

Before we talk about the difference between the categories,it's also important to mention the shell and core. This refers to the completed framework of the building; the concrete and metal frame of an enclosed space, with nothing else inside. If you were to look at the building from the exterior, everything looks completed and intact. The interior though is completely bare (save for the shell and core we've just mentioned). This gives office designers the perfect opportunity to paint on a blank canvas, helping the business to realise its ideal design without any restrictions.

Category A fit out refers to a 'basic landlord fit out'. This includes the installation of the building's electrical and mechanical services(the air conditioning, heating, lighting etc), fire detection systems,bathrooms/toilets, suspended ceilings, raised access facilities and finishes applied to interior walls. In short, it is the easel to the canvas; it provides the crucial support for the painter to work their artistry.

This is where a Category B fit out comes in. It refers to the additional decorations, features and furniture that breathe life into the building, laying out a practicality and sense of style that the business needs for its day-to-day operations. With a Cat B fit out, the business will work closely with office design professionals to identify the different elements they need, as well as how they're able to portray their company culture throughout the design.

It isn't just paint or posters on the walls or the types of chairs and desks that can show a business to be unique and functional though. A Cat B office fit out also includes:

  • Doors and partitions.
  • Floor finishes.
  • Private office spaces.
  • Reception and waiting areas.
  • Conference and meeting rooms.
  • Audio/visual equipment.
  • IT rooms.
  • Kitchen, breakout and cafe areas.

Now that you're fully adept at what constitutes a Cat A and Cat B office fit outs, you're much closer to understanding if one would be of benefit to your business. Why not get in touch with the professionals to help your ideas turn into reality?

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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we pride ourselves on being able to offer a complete client-focused service. We believe that just like the interiors of our homes, those of a business should also reflect the tastes,personalities and philosophies of those who dwell there. So why the need to use confusing jargon that may lead to a decision that the client isn't fully sure about? This is why we take the time to understand everything that you, your employees and clients need and expect before we create our designs. At no point do we go ahead and commence work without the prior approval of our clients; after all, it wouldn't be bespoke then, would it?

What's more, we operate a completely FREE, no-obligation office design consultation service that takes down all of your ideas and we use our expertise to create 2-D/3-D imagery that presents what may be your perfect design. The great thing about it is that it will be at no cost to you, so no investing in a service that you aren't 100% sold on. Why not get in touch with our office fit out experts to learn more?

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