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We are extremely pleased to announce the awarding of another fantastic design and build project, this time for APG Network's new office at World Business Centre in Longford, adjacent to Heathrow airport.

Involving a move from their existing location at Highbridge House, 3 miles away, their new office design will allow the company to better cater towards its growing, talented team, as well as proving to be more economically viable in the long term.

Who are APG Network?

With airlines constantly seeking out new revenue opportunities, lower distribution costs offer a great way for them to maximise their budgets. This is where APG Network can help. Through their innovative outlook and extensive experience in airline distribution, they not only offer substantial cost reductions (through the outsourcing of passenger and cargo sales, marketing, fare filing and customer support), but they also offer settlement plan services, interline and code-sharing solutions to grow an airline's global reach.

Headquartered in Paris, France, APG work with over 200 airline clients across all distribution models; their global network consisting of 170 countries. As the busiest airport in Europe (and one of the busiest in the world), their Heathrow office offers APG a large and vibrant market in which to promote their services. As such, having the means to offer the very best in customer service is vital; the quality of the office design playing a major role in how employees can offer such a service.

Why were APG seeking new office interiors?

In 2012, Oaktree carried out the original fit out of APG's existing office location at Highbridge House. We created an open plan area that contained enough space to house all existing staff comfortably. The office design was complete with the addition of partitioned meeting rooms and training areas. A fully-equipped office kitchen area was built away from the main working space to designate it as the break area too.

As we do with all of our clients, we kept in periodic contact with the company to ensure that their office fit out continued to serve them well. Recently, we learned that APG were approaching their lease expiry and in order to cater for potential growth, as well as offer existing employees an even better defined workspace to operate in, they were looking to move to a new location.

The office fit out project brief

Once APG had satisfied their requirements for an alternative space, we were invited to meet them at their new office location at World Business Centre to carry out an extensive site survey, to discuss their project brief and what they were hoping to achieve with their new office design.

A key aspect of the project that the company wanted to get right was the furniture. Offering employees comfort and functionality, selecting the right chairs and desks have a major impact on how employees are able to express their talents. Therefore, we arranged with APG to attend a furniture showroom in London to display the proposed furniture firsthand, building a preferred selection of products for them.

Taking place throughout 1,500 sqft of space,the rest of the project will involve the fitting out of the following:

Taking place throughout 1,500 sqft of space,the rest of the project will involve the fitting out of the following:

  • The establishing of an open plan office area.
  • Installation of new workstations and operator chairs throughout.
  • Creation of three new manager offices.
  • An office dedicated to hot desking.
  • A new board room.
  • A new waiting/reception area.
  • A new breakout/kitchen area.
  • A mixture of medium-to-full height storage units.
  • Solid/glass partition walls, new flooring and lighting features.
  • Installation of power/data and air conditioning systems.

This exciting office design project is set to commence presently, with our team looking forward to carrying out APG's requirements to the letter.

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