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Our recent fit out works for SMEs

When it comes to bespoke interior design, the Oaktree team don't just assist the big businesses that have a regional, national or even a global reach; we are here to help small, local firms to get the best out of their workplaces too.

Whether they're seeking to establish a brand, cater for potential growth, downsize or move to a new building entirely; a customised approach to the design of their interiors plays a huge role in its effect on the people who work there. Small or large workforce, it's all the same.

Here, we've listed a number of these local SMEs that we've recently performed works for;

Internet Watch Foundation (IWF).

A returning client, the Internet Watch Foundation are a charity that gives the public and IT professionals a way to report criminal online content in a secure, confidential way. They work in partnership with the online industry, law enforcement, government, and international partners. Employing 40 people, IWF are based in Histon, Cambridgeshire at the Vision Park business complex.

Previously, we assisted IWF with the move to their current office. This time, due to several operational changes within the charity, we were required to carry out reconfiguration works to suit their new office layouts. These works included the removal of walls, decoration, and installation of new doors throughout. The finished result was a working environment that lent itself better to the requirements of everyone who works there.

CRT Office Fit Out

Another returning client (multiple times), the Canal and River Trust are based near Milton Keynes (right by the Three Locks Golf Club). As their work is to maintain the canals and rivers (and the areas around them) on a national scale (some 3,000 miles of waterways), their work is vitally important for our heritage.

Previously, we have assisted CRT by re-organising their desk system, which created additional space for 18 people in various departments. This was achieved by utilising their existing bench system, whilst also including modules to create the extra space.

More recently, we converted an old pumping station (situated at a picturesque location by the River Lee's Three Locks) to bring it up to standard to provide a rest keep for the groundskeepers. The front of the Pumping Station was refurbished up to a CAT A standard so CRT would be able to lease it out, possibly as a café or 'halfway hut'.

Calcot Services For Children (CSFC).

Based in four different locations throughout the South East, Calcot Services for Children are dedicated to providing appropriate homes for children with emotional, learning, social and behavioural difficulties. Aside from this, they also offer training in dealing with the many aspects that comprise of caring for young people and vulnerable adults.

As we're local to their Reading location, they called upon our expertise to provide functional office furniture. We supplied and installed several types of appropriate furniture, such as Air 24 from Orangebox, Elite high-back EVO, as well as some desks and meeting tables.

All these works demonstrate that no matter what's required, our team are ready to meet the challenge. So if you're thinking about refurbishing your office, moving to new ones or simply require new furniture or the odd job doing, you can feel rest assured that Oaktree Interiors have the means to help you grow a strong working environment – regardless of how many people you employ.

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