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Open office design is nothing new. In fact, the concept of pulling down the barriers between workers has been around for many years now. Practised by companies of all sizes, the belief behind open office design is that it helps to increase productivity, whilst creating a more collaborative and social working experience.

The problem that exists today though, is ironically one that has been created by open office design; the need to balance that openness with the need to get on with the work in hand. If you use open office design in Farnborough, how can you balance the open office with the need for more private working? A glass partitioning system may help.

Glass partitioning: How it may help your office design in Farnborough

The exposed nature of open office design generally allows for a more pleasant working environment; it gives staff the opportunity to communicate across their workstations and provides them with a freedom of movement across the office with the minimum of disruption. As a result, collaboration between staff will increase, making for a better sharing of ideas, refining the quality of the work.

The caveat to this free-flowing of talking and movement is that those people who would prefer to get on with the work in hand may feel distracted and as a result, productivity (as well as their mood) will be vastly reduced. So how can a balance be struck? Although the cubicle desks have long gone, an open office can still support moveable desk partitioning that helps to give those who need it, some space to get on with their work, whilst giving others, the opportunity to move about.

When it comes to choosing desk partitioning, you can choose either solid, or transparent materials. Glass partitioning can help your office design in Farnborough to take advantage of a number of benefits, which include:

  • They provide a sense of openness in the office space, which is very much in keeping with the spirit of open office design. A glass partition is a barrier, yet a transparent one, so therefore you can take down those physical (and mental) barriers, without actually taking down any barriers! This openness will eventually help to foster a sense of trust and collaboration between staff members; with no place to hide and everything on display, everyone will eventually conform to the same working practices, ultimately boosting productivity.
  • All partitioning can provide a noise reduction; blocking noise from other areas of the office that may distract those who need to get on with their work without disruption. Placing in glass partitioning in your office design in Farnborough (especially double-glazing, which is designed in part to reduce noise) will help your open plan office to prevent noise pollution from affecting productivity.
  • Glass partitioning can help to increase the influence of natural light within the office, creating a bright and airy atmosphere. Not only will this help to improve the mood of staff but it can even minimise the reliance on using artificial lighting, giving employees a further boost and cutting down on energy bills, in one stroke.
  • The function and durability of glass partitioning make for a cost-effective solution. Not only can it reflect more natural light within the room, but being easy to assemble and be disassembled, they require no structural modifications or will cause any major disruption. This is especially ideal if you are considering future expansion, or simply want to move desks around to accommodate new technology within the workplace.
  • The design element of your office is vital in impressing any visitors and inspiring your employees. A glass partitioning system, with its ability to reflect natural light, to reduce noise and to give employees the opportunity to collaborate or get on with their work will help to contribute to an image of a happy workplace. An image of somewhere that's great to work; an image of a great place to do business with.

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Regardless if you're looking to take advantage of the benefits of an open office partitioning system, want to completely transform your current office design or are even interested in relocating your entire business to a more suitable workplace, the team here at Oaktree Interiors can help.

With over 30 years of experience in creating vibrant, bespoke office spaces for a wide range of companies, we are able to create an office design that perfectly abides by the ethos and philosophies of your business. The result is an environment that will help to inspire and foster creativity amongst employees, pushing up the productivity levels and quality of work, ultimately creating a better service for your clients.

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