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Happy New Year! The closing of one chapter and the opening of the next one brings with it, something new. It gives us a chance to reorganise our thoughts, look forward to what’s ahead and to even approach things with a new perspective. In other words, it is the perfect time for a resolution; to do the things that we would like to do, without a hectic schedule getting in the way.

If you’re responsible for the running of your workplace, have you considered the impact that your office design has on your team? As the environment that they have to be present in for the majority of the week, wouldn’t it make sense to not only make the office comfortable and functional for them to produce great work, but also to lend its design around the way they prefer to work?

If you’re looking to improve the standing of your business during 2019 and beyond, read on for some great reasons why you should consider improving the look and feel of your office interiors.

Why you need great office design in 2019

  • To raise productivity and quality. Working in an environment that is poorly configured for an individual's particular requirements will have a negative effect on their quality of work, as well as their productivity. By creating a new office design, one that is flexible enough to meet the demands of any individual, a business can get the best out of each of their employees, helping to boost their morale too. Remember that we spend the majority of our week at work and therefore, what we experience there will have a big impact on our mood; get the 'experience at work' right and you'll reap the benefits.
  • To facilitate expansion. The sign of a successful business is one that has to expand in order to meet the demand for its services. The problem is that many workplaces have a set-up that does not allow for easy expansion and often, they may have to put plans for growth on hold, which in turn, affects their ability to meet the demand for their services. It's possible that a redesign of your current office is all that is needed to get the best out of the space available; regardless if you need to expand right away, or need to keep the space ready for the future.
  • To create a company culture. Ideal to inspire and to motivate people, to foster genuine working relationships and camaraderie, and to give the business a unique selling point; company culture and great office design are inextricably linked. By creating a workplace design that is not only flexible but is also collaborative (with breakout rooms etc), the culture of the company will be vastly improved, creating an environment that people enjoy being in. Them enjoying their work may also mean they feel more attached to their company, boosting the prospects of long-term retention.
  • To cater for different generations. Millennials and the upcoming Generation Z have transformed the workplace. Growing up with greater access to technology than any other generation, any business with ambitions of establishing longevity must consider lending the design of their offices over to their working preferences. Not only will it help employees in their work but a well-equipped office also acts as a selling tool for great talents too.
  • To open up a social pathway. A big difference between the average office and one that is considered as 'outstanding' is that the employees in the latter are able to communicate quickly and effectively across multiple departments. We're not just talking about phone lines and internet connections here; a great office design and layout can create literal 'social pathways' that give people the opportunity to move around the office to communicate and to socialise with people who aren't in their immediate vicinity. This can only help to create stronger working relationships within the business, as well as improving work efficiency.
  • To enhance the perception of the brand. First impressions make all the difference; if a client visits the office for a meeting and is met with a disorganised, uncomfortable and quite frankly, dull, environment, what will they think about the service on offer? If the business has a well-designed workplace that portrays a happy, vibrant workforce, then the first impression that is created will more likely be a positive one, assuring the client that the business is 'for them'.
  • For better sustainability. Any great office design is able to provide better sustainability for the business it serves; reducing its outgoing costs and making better use of space. Going green will be a great start; improving lighting, air quality or going paperless will not only be better for the environment and the health and wellness of employees, but it will also cost a lot less too!
  • To improve wellbeing. With the amount of time that we spend at work, is it any surprise that the environment also affects our physical and mental wellbeing? Creating facilities and adopting practices within the design of the office that inspires wellbeing can contribute to a happier, more productive team.
  • For a reduction in operating costs. With growing costs and worries about the competition, the workplace will need to work hard to keep ahead of the game. This is why businesses use office design to create an agile workspace, reducing floor space that results in cheaper rent and general operational costs.

Choose Oaktree Interiors For High-Quality Bespoke Office Fit Outs

If you’re looking to take a fresh approach with the design of your office interiors, why not allow the expert team here at Oaktree help?

Throughout the last three decades, we have been cultivating a leading workplace design service that is dedicated to being bespoke for whatever the requirements of the business and its employees dictate. As every business is unique, we do not believe in a ‘one size, fits all’ approach; every office we create has been designed to respond to the needs of the particular business and the people who use it. It is this method that is more likely to give the business the best opportunity of improving its standing in their particular industry.

To learn more about how our office design service can help you to improve the effectiveness of your workplace, give our team a call on 0345 21 86955 or send an e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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