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One of the major aspects that well-defined office outfits can help with is to raise productivity levels. Productivity is, of course, the major factor in ensuring that the business is able to meet its targets and provide a service that will ultimately bring them success.

As the years roll by, more-and-more businesses are becoming aware of the need to create bespoke office interiors that can be shaped around the working practices of the people who work there (rather than them, having to shape how they work around the limitations offered by the office design). In this blog, we’re going to provide you with 6 solutions to improve the levels of productivity within the office.

Office outfits: 6 solutions to raising productivity within the workplace.

  1. The use of natural lighting is quickly becoming a standard in modern office outfits, as an increasing number of companies recognise the negative effects provided by artificial (fluorescent) lighting. Eye strains, headaches and tiredness are all common effects of such environments. Making use of large window displays to shine more light from the outside will create a more natural environment inside, which means that a person won't have to adjust themselves to working in a level of light that is alien to them; this will help them to settle into a 'working mode' more quickly, catering for better productivity.
  1. A coloured wall design (especially one that can also evoke a more 'natural feel') can help to motivate employees, provide an attractive look to clients and provide the business with a professional branding ideal.
  1. Temperature is also vital in raising productivity. It's common for workplaces to feel too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer; the ability to set the right temperature within the office is key in providing the right environment for employees. This is why so many forward-thinking businesses are installing modern HVAC systems within their office outfits, to better control the heating, ventilation and air conditioning.
  1. Functional spaces, such as breakout rooms, kitchens and quiet spaces, provide alternative facilities from the main working arena for employees to relax, unwind or to work in a less-noisy or pressurised environment. Breakout rooms provide an informal space in which an employee can detach themselves from a possibly stressful task and instead, sit in a more comfortable environment to take their mind away from it or to recollect their thoughts. Kitchens provide them with an opportunity to store and prepare their meals, as well as get around a table to build relationships with their fellow workers; ideal if they need to work together on a collaborative project at some point. With the nature of an open office sometimes requiring constant chat, a quiet area allows those who need to get on with their work without disturbance to do so.
  1. Establishing an ordered desk space will remove clutter and help to provide a much more effective workstation for an employee to work from. The nature of a busy working day will see things build up; clutter being one of them. Not only can the sight of it be demoralising (and a potential health and safety risk), it may also not help anyone to find an important document or an item they need to complete their work, leading to a downturn in productivity and an increase in stress. By putting in place a system that is able to avoid a build-up of clutter (such as storage spaces inside or away from desks), you will be helping your employee to work better, which is ultimately great news for the business.
  1. The layout of the office space is vital in increasing productivity, especially if workers need to collaborate on projects. By establishing a flexible layout that allows employees to comfortably work together (as well as giving them the option of an alternative 'quiet space'), you will be providing them the means to go about their work as they would like to; allowing them to find a mode of working that they feel comfortable at.

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