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At all times (let alone in the Corona-climate we currently find ourselves in) intelligent office space planning can help any business to build a great working environment. If companies can make their workplaces safe, engaging and inspiring, it's far more likely that their employees will be driven to achieve great things.

It stands to sense; people need the reassurance that they work for someone who values them and their skills – in these uncertain times, this goes tenfold. By holding these feelings, employees tend to 'go the extra mile' in their work, producing great results. Not only that, but an environment that exudes positivity will attract talented people and even clients; so thinking about implementing intelligent planning ideas foran office is well worth the while.

If you run your own business and are thinking about a refresh in 2021, we have compiled some top tips on how to get the most from your workplace.

Top office space planning tips for 2021

Put simply, office space planning is an interior design method that arranges office layouts so that employees are able to work together in departmental or team groupings. This provides them with the best opportunity to create an efficient workflow, communication and supervision. The main aim is to increase productivity, whilst still maintaining (and often, improving) the quality of work produced; improving an employee's enjoyment of their workday is key in realising these aims.

1. Place a priority on flexibility.

Creating a flexible space will allow the business to perform multiple functions without having to go to the time (and expense) of having to construct a dedicated space for each of them. This has been made possible by the flexible technology we have at our disposal today; people can work where, when and how they want in any type of space they need to. A great example of this can be seen with the innovation of a break room; it's a comfortable area in which people can relax and refocus, but with the tech we have, we're also able to hosts pontaneous meetings or collaborative brainstorming sessions there too. The same can be said for meeting rooms; when not in use for gatherings, they can be utilised as private working areas for people to concentrate without distractions, or to take private calls, etc.

A great example of flexibility in action within office space planning, is modular design. This is the concept of 'bringing together a variety of interior components to create a cohesive, adaptable workplace'. From seating, tables, acoustic fittings or partition walls; basically, anything that can be used to facilitate a degree of flexibility.

smaller office space design

2. Think about new storage methods.

Instead of thinking about expanding the current space or moving your workplace to a larger building to cater for increased storage, think about how you store things first.

Instead of huge filing cabinets that take up space, wouldn't the hire of a secure self-storage facility be a better, cut-price solution? For personal storage, investing in furniture that includes its own compartments is a great way to cut down on clutter around the office too.

3. Minimalist is (probably) best.

A great way to ensure that clutter doesn't build up and your budgets are able to go further, is to be wary of purchasing items that may not be crucial and take up unnecessary space.

The office space planning aspect is better suited to displaying the work ethic of the employees than the odd decorative item; it shows any visitors that you're more concerned with efficiency and results. This is what they want from you at the end of the day.

space planning minimalism

4. Keep the office consistently clean and clear.

It may seem like an obvious must but you will know just how busy a working day can be; with not much time to tidy, clutter will build up, causing health and safety issues and not to mention, an eyesore for any visitors.

Taking advantage of in-desk storage is a great way to help busy employees to keep on top of their work and their clutter, creating a vibrant office that won't require the constant hire of cleaners.

5. Be eco-friendly.

An increasing number of businesses are placing sustainability at the heart of their office space planning. Introducing a more 'natural feel' to the office is proven to have a positive effect on people, boosting their happiness, collaboration and productivity levels. Not only that but with the addition of say, larger window displays or energy-efficient lights, going green will help to vastly cut down on your electricity bills too.

Interested in learning more? Why not consider getting in touch with our expert team of office designers to see how your ideas can be brought to life?

Innovative office design solutions by Oaktree interiors

If you're considering an office refreshthis year or the back-to-work COVID situation creates operational challengesfor you, the Oaktree team are here to offer help and support. We can advise oneverything you need to welcome your dedicated team into an office that worksfor them; whether it's re-planning concepts, the installation of acrylicdesk-mounted screens or just suggestions on how extra space can be liberated.Having undertaken a vast range of differentoffice design projects over the years, youcan feel rest assured that our team have all the expertise and skills to help.

In a post-COVID-19 world, being able tohave a flexible office design will no doubt be vital – so please feel free toget in touch with us to learn how our officespace planning techniquescan help you too.

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