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We are thrilled to announce that we will be soon commencing work on a new office design in Chichester for Wixroyd. Taking place throughout 20,000 sqft of internal space, the scope is substantial, requiring numerous disciplines and skill sets in order to deliver both an office and warehousing space that will help and inspire their employees in their work, as well as to impress their visitors and clientele.

A new office design in Chichester: Who are Wixroyd?

Wixroyd are one of the market leaders of CAD design accessories, tools and parts. Starting out from a single office located in Trafalgar Square (offering just a single product; a square hole drill) in 1951, they have since established an internationally-recognised company that is constantly pushing the boundaries of manufacturing and engineering design, 'making find the difficult, easy', in their own words.

Innovation is the core of their business, as is 'excellent customer service', 'excellent products' and'excellent stock holding'; all elements that make up a successful business. As the home of the business, the office should also reflect the same feelings; recognising that a well-planned office design in Chichester can help to inspire and motivate their employees, as well as impress and assure clients, Wixroyd turned to us to help them create their ideal home.

Wixroyd's new office fit out

Brilliantly located just outside of Chichester town centre,close to the A27, the facility that Wixroyd have chosen is at the heart of the vibrant Glenmore Business Park. Seeking office accommodation that would cater for their existing staff, as well as for their future expansion plans, the location and available office space fitted perfectly with their requirements.

Aside from the obvious need for the space to provide a high level of functionality for its employees, Wixroyd also specified that their new office must also provide clients and visitors with a positive,enjoyable experience; demonstrating the company's commitment and consideration towards their finished products.

Some key points of the office design in Chichester we created for Wixroyd, includes:

  • The addition of a new mezzanine floor, providing the company with the potential to add a second floor to cater for expansion.
  • New breakout area facilities that enhance the enjoyment of working for the company; giving employees somewhere to relax and to re-focus.
  • Up-to-date environmental conditions.
  • Collaboration spaces that are designed to take advantage of modern, flexible technology, enabling agile working.
  • All working conditions and atmospheres defined by the use of high-quality materials and striking colour schemes that represent the company's brand and position as market leaders.

We are delighted to report that Wixroyd were extremely pleased with our design and we are very much looking forward to commencing work on this exciting project presently.

Need to improve your office interiors?

If you too have been thinking about improving the effectiveness that your workplace interiors have; if you need to expand,modernise or simply refresh the current fit out, then the experienced team here at Oaktree Interiors can help you to bring your ideas to reality.

Having been operating within the office design industry for quite some time, we have grown a unique client-focused approach when creating our work. We firmly believe that, as all businesses are different, then the design of each workplace needs to be different too; they all need to reflect the thoughts,feelings and requirements of those who use it, it needs to appeal to the tastes of a growing client base and it has to communicate exactly what the business can achieve.

To learn more about our service (including for more information on our FREE, no obligation office design consultation, complete with 2/3-D representations of what your ideal office may look like), then please feel free to get in touch with us today. You can call our team on 0345 21 86955 or you can send any e-mail enquiries to hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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