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The team at Oaktree Interiors are very pleased to have recently been appointed to undertake an office design and build for the golf ball tracing technology company, Toptracer. Comprising of office, meeting and product demonstration areas, the new facility will be located within Toptracer's parent company's headquarter building in Chessington, Surrey.

As specialists in bespoke workplace design, our team have relished the opportunity to work with the client to bring their creative ideas to life. Why not read on to learn more about the project; who the client is, how the project came about and how we're creating it.

How we're undertaking this office design and build

The client: Who are they? What do they do?

Toptracer is a Swedish-based technology company, which was acquired by Topgolf in 2016. Toptracer is a first of its kind ball-tracking technology and is the most used ball tracing technology used in professional golf and is widely used within broadcasting of televised golf tournaments. The system is also powering the experience with Topgolf's customer facilities.

Both brands are now owned by Callaway Golf. The Callaway Golf head office accommodates individual offices and spaces for each of their company brands, which also includes the fashion brand, Jack Wolfskin. Each facility within the building is designed to reflect the various brands that they accommodate.

Their office design and build project

Our team have worked closely with the facilities and management team of Callaway and Topgolf for many months to ensure we have developed a unique facility for Toptracer, which fully reflects the brand and creates and outstanding customer experience facility.

Being within a larger overall head office building has meant the team has had to adapt the building's mechanical and electrical infrastructure to be able to convert what was originally a warehouse area into a state-of-the-art office and demonstration suite. The air conditioning and electrical services will similarly be adapted to suit the change of use of the space.

A new mezzanine floor will be installed to accommodate the open plan office, private offices and collaboration space. The mezzanine will extend across an existing central corridor, which connects the main reception area to the companies' other brands office suites. While the ground floor area will accommodate a large boardroom, a welcome area & teapoint facility as well as facilities to demonstrate Toptracer products to customers.

The overall office design and build project consists of:

  • The rip-out of the existing warehouse/store space.
  • Installation of new mezzanine floor, spanning two internal areas.
  • Creation of offices and demo suite, with glass partitioning.
  • New flooring and bespoke furniture.
  • Data, electrical and lighting installation.
  • Adaptation and installation of air conditioning services.
  • Acoustic dry lining of all perimeter walls.

Our team will be on site from early spring and will look forward to Callaway being able to bring in the Topgolf and Toptracer teams to the head office for summer 2022. Perfect timing for the golf season!

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