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When it comes to realising the ideal office design, one of the major factors to get right is the furniture. As the vessels that play host to hardworking employees, office furniture must be able to offer comfort, a customisable level of adjustment and provide a functional aid. Without these experiences, employees will likely find it difficult to produce great work done at a good, productive rate.

This is something that one of our latest clients wanted to get right with their office relocation. Avetta approached the team here at Oaktree Interiors to procure and install new furniture for their new location in Maidenhead. Moving from their current serviced office location in the town centre, the company will be taking up residence in a new,conventional leased office at Concorde Park, barely a mile away.

Avetta's new office design in Maidenhead

Who are Avetta?

Avetta specialise in the provision of cloud-based supply chain risk management and commercial marketplace software platforms. Their 'global solution' is uniquely designed to connect world-leading organisations with qualified suppliers, driving sustainable growth.

The company have built their trustworthy reputation based on their responsive technology and human insight; every aspect of their operation is collaborative. Complemented by their local expertise,their global reach sees hundreds of organisations depend on Avetta to align their supply chains to sustainable business practices.

Our office furniture procurement and installation brief

As part of their new office lease, the landlord agreed to fit out the space for them, leaving the choice of furniture up to them. Understanding that they needed to establish a whole new modernised set-up, Avetta searched around for a local office fit out provider who could demonstrate a history of performing such a service.

After learning about us and speaking to our Business Development Team, Avetta selected us to propose new furniture that would be able to offer the comfortable and functional benefits they were looking for. Following further meetings, in which we ascertained the particular types of furniture that Avetta required, we visited a London furniture showroom with them to present our suggestions in person. We were delighted when the company agreed with our assessments and selections, leading to them to appoint us to procure/deliver and install their new office furniture.

The importance of furniture in offices

For many companies, the types of furniture they have may be driven by cost. If cared for, old furniture can last for many years, saving much on the budget year-on-year. The issue with this though, is that old furniture does not offer the same comfort that new furniture has perfected. Over time, it will lead to talented employees feeling uncomfortable,frustrated and eventually may lead them to exit the company for pastures new.

So in fact, making an investment in new office furniture will mean that the business will actually benefit more in the long-term. Here is why getting the furniture right is important:

Employee Collaboration

The introduction of office furniture products, such as breakout booths, allow staff members the opportunity to collaborate. In most instances, employees will tend to think better whilst sat in such places, as the environment is casual and informal. This allows creativity to come to the fore, rather than thoughts about everything else blocking the way.

One of the key trends of office design in recent years has been organisations moving away from the singular desk environments and moving towards more collaborative work spaces to boost the performance of staff.

Employee Wellness

Having a diverse selection of office furniture can also help to boost the wellbeing of employees. Taking short breaks away from work helps to realign a person's concentration and is especially important if they want to avoid the development of back pain and other injuries caused by prolonged sitting.

To provide break facilities away from desks, a business can use the breakout booth, create a staff kitchen area or even install comfortable furniture outside for them to connect with nature

Employee Interaction

The installation of modern office furniture(like breakout booths and benches) also encourages employees to interact and socialise with each other away from their usual working areas. Many employees take advantage of social spaces at work during lunch hours, their breaks or even at any social events the business may organise. There are no rules as to when these areas can be used; 'social furniture' can be used 'as and when', without the constraints that people may have experienced several years ago.

If you're interested in taking advantage of modern office furniture installations to get the most from your employees, the dedicated design team here at Oaktree are on hand to help. Regardless of your requirements, we have a proven experience of meeting the needs of a vast array of business types and sizes. Our case studies section,highlights the vibrancy we can bring to your workplace, giving it a new lease of life to positively affect your employees going forward.

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