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In August last year, we reported that we were embarking on a project to create a brand-new office design for Newbury Weekly News. Located on Faraday Road, close to the centre of the town, their new building is just a handful of yards away from their previous one. Now they’re fully settled into their new environment, Newbury News have covered the story, explaining their move and why downsizing is a positive move for them.

Their relocation is a prime example of why a business should consider bespoke office design; too many firms out there are using buildings that are not suitable for their size or ambitions. Instead, the business and its staff may have to comprise how they work in order to meet the limitations of their buildings. This is never an ideal scenario to be in if you want to create a successful company.

Here, we're going to delve into why considering a downsize for your office may just help you on the way to creating that ideal workplace design scenario.

Our office design for Newbury Weekly News

“It’s exciting to be in an office where we are all closer to each other and there’s more of an atmosphere in a purpose-built office that’s much nicer to work in.”

– James Gurney, Newbury Weekly News’ chief executive.

A family-run independent newspaper that is celebrating its 152nd anniversary this month, the move to the new premises represents only their third building in its history. The sale of the company’s printing press meant that the previous office was too large and thus, not suitable for what they needed. Instead of ‘making do’ and essentially paying for space that they didn’t need, they looked for alternative sites that would offer the same location benefits, yet be able to be shaped around their particular requirements. Fortunately, a site just down the road became vacant.

Seeking a better-defined space that would allow their staff to work in a more customisable manner, Newbury Weekly News turned to us here at Oaktree to refurbish what was once a car dealership, into office interiors that would inspire, motivate and impress (clients, as well as employees).

The new office layout we created included the fit out of a brand-new reception, waiting area and meeting rooms; all summing up the culture of the company in order to impress people. For collaboration between staff, the addition of a tea point and a kitchen provides great refreshment and a chat, whereas the breakout area gives people the opportunity to gather around informally to hold improvised meetings in a comfortable, relaxing environment.

Also included in this office design for Newbury Weekly News was a number of private offices, an archive/library facility (along with a reference bench area), as well as an upgrade of the existing WC and shower room. The final ‘plumping up of a cushion’ that makes for a comfortable existence for staff. When completed, the company was delighted with our work, commending us on our ability to carry out their requirements to the letter.

Why downsize your office?

If you’re thinking about improving your office interiors, why not consider having a look at how your current building works for you? We’re not necessarily talking about downsizing here (at least for the next few words!), it may be the case that your office is the right size and just needs a refresh/rethink of how its facilities relate to staff and the work they need to produce.

In terms of downsizing though, here is why thinking about it is a good idea:

  • Cater for advances in tech. We live in a much smarter age of technology, even compared to 10 years ago. No longer do we need to be chained to the same desk, nor have to use a telephone to communicate with people inside or outside the building. With laptops and tablets, we can navigate around the workplace, working in different areas and with different people as and when it’s required. Not only does this mean that space doesn’t have to be sacrificed to hold physical tech, it also gives the company options to introduce flexible or remote working.
  • Help with staff retention. With a growing influence in the make-up of the office, the introduction of ‘Generation Z’ into the workplace within the next decade will see tech-savvy people expecting their environments to offer flexibility. If you want your business to thrive under the constantly changing landscape, retaining its talented people, then the design of your office must be adapted accordingly.
  • Saves on costs. Downsizing, of course, does not just mean reducing the physical space on offer to suit the size of the company’s workforce in order to save on costs. Downsizing a space means that the business is likely to be paying more out on office equipment, their utility bills and other associated costs that are part-and-parcel of running a business.

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