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If you're looking to enhance the effect that your workplace interiors have on your employees, it doesn't necessarily have to involve a complete stripping back to the shell and core and starting again. Often, it will only take a small revamp of choice spaces and the addition of new fixtures and fittings to achieve the ideal office design. Our latest project stands as a testament to this.

Our team will soon be commencing on a new project for energy analytics firm 'Stark' at their base in Horley, Surrey. Recognising that their in-work environment needed a refresh, they sought out our specialist services to revamp key elements of their working space, as well as install a varying array of new furniture items.

Stark's new office design

Who are Stark?

Stark was founded in 1981 – which happened to be a great year for the tech industry! The first commercial IBM personal computer was launched in August 1981 and the term 'internet' was first uttered to describe 'a virtual computer network'.

Starting out from a garage, the idea behind Stark was ingenious and brave; their aim was to apply this fast-developing technology to provide energy management solutions for other organisations.Since launching their first product – a tariff analytics tool – Stark's offerings have evolved over the last 35 years to encompass a complete energy analytics platform.

Stark have continued to thrive from their humble beginnings, as they follow the changes and trends in technology to offer more refined energy-saving solutions; they now process over 13% of the UK's energy consumption data every day.

By building a team of dedicated energy and technology experts, Stark's success is driven by their ability to generate new and creative ideas, and going that extra mile for their clients. Monitoring over 73,000 sites worldwide, Stark have quickly become the first choice for organisations who are seeking to better manage their energy use, costs and performance.

Why the need for an office interior refresh?

With delivering a personalised service to clients being the foundation of their business, Stark understand the need to promote the wellbeing of staff whilst they work. If staff feel comfortable and equipped, they will be far more likely to feel happy, engaged and inspired. All elements that help to create great products, no matter the industry.

This is why office design (and the items within it) are a vital cog in the wheel of business success. After finding our services via a simple Google search, Stark got in touch with us to enquire about performing an upgrade of their office furniture to something that was more supportive, fully-adjustable and comfortable, yet still affordable. Our Business Development Team approached Stark's Brand Manager to discuss their requirements in more detail and we very quickly established their desire to further revamp the general atmosphere of their working environment.

After the initial discussions, we surveyed two of their office locations and provided various options for a range of furniture that would suit their business model and corporate branding identity.We then delivered various task and meeting room sample chairs so that their staff could get a first-hand view, saving ample time in arranging visits to showrooms in London.

Once the views of everyone were taken into account, we offered our expertise to the company and armed with all of this information, they selected a range of furniture items that best fitted everyone's requirements.

That was the furniture, but what about the rest of the office?

The office furniture fit out and revamp brief

To complement the furniture installations,we worked with Stark to create an office design that would boost the in-work comfort that their employees would experience. Works involved the installation of personal storage units (with lockers) and new furniture for the kitchen/breakout areas (including poseur table, high stools with bench, breakout tables and soft seating).

Also included were new booth seating modules (to break up the open plan areas – which have been a great success for collaborative work and discussions) and new meeting room furniture (with cantilever-based chairs, new meeting tables and credenza units).

Other works included new installations of:

  • Carpet tiles and flooring features.
  • Ceiling tiles.
  • Workstations (with power desktop modules)
  • Reception soft seating.
  • Blinds throughout the office.

As Stark are an environmentally-conscious company who wanted to work closely with a local supplier, they chose several recycled fabrics, a variety of vibrant bright colours and simple shapes for key furniture (to give the right impression and energy when visitors walk in). The look and feel is now completely fresh and quirky and in line with Stark brand.

Enhance the effects of your office interiors, with Oaktree

If like Stark, your business is interested in refreshing its office interiors, then why not let us help you to create your ideal working environment? No matter the requirements of your business and the staff who work within it, we have a proven track record of providing bespoke office design solutions.

As the office is the 'home' of the business, we believe that bespoke design is vital; the space(s) contained within should be set to provide everyone who exists there with a customisable level of comfort and functionality. How can it 'be home', otherwise?

This approach is precisely the reason why we offer a completely FREE, no-obligation consultation service that allows our clients an opportunity to see their ideas for their perfect office bestowed within 2D/3D images of our making. Why invest in something that you aren't 100%happy with? For a more in-depth insight into how we work, have a look at our case studies section which contains numerous examples of the designs and resulting fit outs we've created for our wide and varied client base.

To learn more about our office fit out services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly by calling 0345 21 86955 or by sending an e-mail enquiry to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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