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The team here at Oaktree Interiors are pleased to announce that we have been appointed to carry out an office design and build project for Olympia Tools' new location in Reading.

Located close to Prospect Park, to the west of the town centre, Olympia's new 5,500sqft facility will provide them with a better opportunity to lay down their branding ideals, creating a unique identity for the company that will shine through to inspire staff and impress visiting clients alike.

Who are Olympia Tools? Why is a branded office space so important to them?

Established in the UK almost two decades ago, Olympia Tools have since grown to become a major European, trade-only distributor of hand tools and work wear. Their clothing range offers hundreds of different product under a variety of brand names, notably including Roughneck; an internationally recognised brand that offers customers an assurance of ‘tough tools for a tough world’. Their other well-known brands include the Gorilla Bar, Gorilla Sledge Hammers, Wood Grenade and the MUTT.

A key aspect of their success and exponential growth has been their constant focus on innovation. Whilst they fully acknowledge that the fundamentals designs of many hand tools have remained relatively unchanged for decades (or even centuries), they have also recognised that opportunities for enhancement and improvements in things like materials and mechanisms still do exist.

One of the major roles that their team plays is to offer advice and recommendations based on their considerable experience in the industry. A branded office space thus works as an additional advert; an extension of the materials they used to invite interest in their services.

When visiting for meetings, many clients will look beyond the ‘sales speak’ and instead, their focus will be captured by the environment that represents the ‘home’ of the business. If their first impressions are of a business that is able to stand out for its uniqueness, its professionalism and its industry knowledge, then it will play positively in their perception. Well-designed office interiors can encompass all of those traits; something that Olympia Tools wanted Oaktree Interiors to bestow on their new office fit out.

Olympia Tools’ office fit out brief

As per their requirements, the office design brief we were presented with was to bestow the existing interiors with a design that complemented the company branding and image, focusing heavily on client and guest welcoming areas for when they visit their offices and see their showroom products.

The new layout will include:

  • New meet & greet area.
  • New cellular offices including sales room.
  • Marketing manager’s office.
  • New archive rooms.
  • Open plan desk area.
  • New showroom.
  • New boardroom and meeting rooms.

We are using a mixture of glass partitions and solid walls on this project, with additional mechanical and electrical works also being included.

Currently, we are midway through the works on site, with our office design team constantly keeping Olympia up-to-date on the progress of the project. We are looking forward to seeing the results once completed and presenting it to Olympia Tools as soon as possible.

Improve your office interiors by creating your own brand, with Oaktree

Creating branded workspaces is just one of many services we offer here at Oaktree Interiors. If you’ve been thinking about creating a new office design for your company, one that will help to impress visiting clients and inspire your staff alike, we are on hand to help you realise all of your requirements.

Having been working in the office fit out industry for almost three decades, we have built up an industry-leading knowledge of creating innovative, bespoke workspaces that are able to say everything about the clients we serve, without them having to say a word of promotion. Regardless if you are a small, localised business or one that is a link in a multinational chain, we are able to help you to find the right office fit out solution.

To underline this, our service comes with a FREE, no obligation consultancy which includes a full surveyance and subsequent 2/3-D presentations of what your ideal office environment will look like.

To learn more, please give our team a call today on 0345 21 86955. You can also e-mail us at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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