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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are delighted to announce that we have been appointed to assist Verisk with the fit out of their new office design in Hampshire. The project will involve the complete redesign of the first floor, with additional changes being made to their existing offices located on the second floor. Both floors are intended to provide a flexible platform for the expansion and growth of this dynamic company.

Taking place throughout 4500sqft of office space in total, Verisk's new fit out will consist of new flooring, furniture, partitioning and a break out area. The works are to begin presently, with the completion date set for late August.

A new office design in Hampshire: Who are Verisk?

Verisk provide data analytics to their customers in the insurance, energy (and specialised markets), as well as the financial sector in order to help them to make better, quicker, more focused decisions that minimise risk and maximise the value of their work.

Delivering their data, analytics and decision support services for more than 45 years, Verisk have grown to be a socially responsible global company that operate in 30 countries around the world. Some of their most well-known, industry-leading brands include ISO, Xactware, AIR Worldwide, Argus and Wood Mackenzie.

Verisk are a member of the S&P 500 Index and are a part of the Nasdaq-100 index, demonstrating their powerful influence on world markets. Forbes magazine named Verisk on its 'World's Most Innovative Companies' and 'America's Best Employers' lists; becoming only one of seven US companies to appear on both. Furthermore (and more interestingly for us), Verisk have received a 'Great Place to Work' certification for its outstanding approach to workplace culture. Being aware of the influence that the company wants their workplaces to have, is certainly a big help for us when it comes to creating their new office design in Hampshire.

Verisk's new office design: The brief

The brief that Verisk provided us, was to fit out a 'Category A' space so that their Technical Support team could relocate to a more suitable work area. A 'Town Hall' meeting area is also to be created; containing folding partitions and overhead projection.

Elsewhere, an agile café-style area is to be created, comprising of various collaboration zones to allow employees to take advantage of 'hot desking' – a way of working that uses the flexible nature of technology to provide them with a different choice where (and when) to work each day.

The café area in Verisk's new office design in Hampshire will also see 'touch down' zones created, which will allow teams to undertake informal meetings in a comfortable environment. Not only does an informal environment encourage people to actively take part and suggest their ideas, but it can also create ideas, the whole situation of the comfortable setting and the resulting ease of communication combining together to form new plans and ideas. Being a creative company, this will no doubt help Verisk to better shape the services they sell to their clients.

If you too are a creative company, why not consider fitting your office space out with similar elements?

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