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We were approached by PNE towards the end of last year with a request for us to produce plans, designs and costs for their forthcoming move to new offices in Crawley. Part of their rapid growth plan, key to the design was a high degree of flexibility; PNE require the space for their employees to create their own working conditions to release the ingenuity that will fulfil the aims of the business.

As an office design company that has been singing from the flexible working hymn sheet for many years (even before the effects of COVID made it a necessity), we found ourselves in the perfect position to help.

If you too are considering taking a more flexible approach to the design of your office, read on to learn how we're going to help PNE to create theirs.

Creating a collaborative, flexible workspace for PNE

Who are PNE?

Collaboration is at the heart of everything PNE does. Their business is to create face-to-face and virtual networking events for public sector businesses in the healthcare, local government and education sectors. Their events provide a 'unique opportunity for clients and suppliers to meet in both formal and informal settings', with their programmes bringing together engaging speakers who 'lead the charge for innovation in their industry'.

The ability to communicate across multiple lines is therefore vital in creating these events. With these sectors containing a multitude of different companies with many different goals, an office design that can help their team adapt quickly and efficiently will stand PNE in better stead to deliver their services.

The project brief.

Our brief was to design a space that could offer flexibility, mainly for the administrative areas and a dynamic, professional 'front of house' where clients and visitors alike could be accommodated efficiently and in a high degree of comfort.

Technology is an important factor in delivering the amount of flexibility required. To cater for both comfort and functionality, workspaces of the future will be expected to vary in size, as well as contain several different furniture layouts. The design we created for PNE incorporates all of this; we created several different areas throughout the office that supports both formal and informal working. The establishment of an improved wireless Internet infrastructure throughout the office will allow for people to move where they want, when they want; creating the flexibility they need.

Related to this was the overriding factor of the office design that PNE wanted to get right; its look and feel. The ability for people to move around the office creates an opportunity to establish different working areas, which in turn creates a need for different designs and materials to be used in each of them.

Whether it's the informal (meeting areas, breakout zones or collaboration desks) or the more formal (other meeting areas, open office layouts or private working facilities), the design we created utilises different types of partitioning, flooring, furniture and lighting to achieve that different look and feel in each area within the office.

These are all key elements in setting the right tone in each workspace within the office; and with the freedom to choose between them at any point, PNE's employees will be far more likely to take ownership of their working day, providing a huge boost to their productivity, creativity and attachment to the company.

Works are underway with a project completion set for early 2022. We are delighted that PNE have entrusted us to deliver for them and we look forward to doing so.

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What's your next project?

Regardless of your requirements, size of business or budget, Oaktree Interiors have spent the best part of 30 years carrying out successful office betterment projects that not only fulfil the requirements and expectations of our clients but also often exceed them.

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