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We're very pleased to confirm that we have been awarded the office design and build project for NVM Private Equity's new alternative location at Forbury Court in Reading town centre. Taking place on the fourth floor of the building, with 2,895 sqft of office space to fit out, this project is designed to refresh the influence of their operational space, giving employees a better-defined facility from which to produce great work.

Who are NVM? Why were they seeking to improve their office design?

NVM Private Equity LLP is an independently-owned capital market company with almost 30 years of experience in investing in unquoted UK businesses. They describe themselves as a'generalist investor', managing over £350 m of funds. The company is differentiated by having its executives living and working in regional business communities throughout the UK.

NVM generally seeks investment opportunities in UK businesses that have 'the right mix of growth potential and market vision'. They may be looking to grow organically, to acquire another business or secure a management buyout. In a typical transaction, they look to invest between £2 m-£12 m.

With intelligent investment being integral to their business, the company quickly recognised that in order for their operations to grow and continue to be a success, they would need a better-defined workplace from which to do so. Not only does providing better working facilities cater to the needs of its employees, but the quality of them acts as an advert of-sorts. With the business community in Reading ever-growing and the travel distance to London ever-shrinking, it has never been as important for local businesses to provide an attractive image to potential employees and clients alike.

How we were awarded NVM's office fit out project

Our business development team made an initial contact with the Managing Director of the company, building up a rapport and relationship. Through this, we were able to understand and learn more about their business, which included their ambitions of wanting to either revamp their current office space or to start afresh on a new floor.

After offering our expert advice, NVM took the decision to seek an alternative floor within the same building so that they could create a new office interior that would provide the functionality, look and feel that would make all the difference to their operations.

Working closely with them to understand their particular requirements for every aspect of the space on offer, we created an office design that includes facilities such as an open plan area for desks, a manager office,meeting rooms, a board room and a new breakout area.

Other important aspects of the design the company wanted was the installation of:

  • Crittall-style glazing (windows and doors) to the meeting rooms and the office entrance.
  • A folding wall partition.
  • Feature carpets.
  • A soft, informal booth seating area.
  • The fit out of new lighting,mechanical and electrical services.

After taking on board all of these requirements, we got to work creating our design and build proposal, which was based upon their needs and budget expectations. We were very happy when the company came back and accepted our tender.

We are very excited to get this office design project underway, with our Project Management Team currently on site commencing the works. A practical completion date of approximately 4 weeks has been set, which will give the company plenty of time to settle into their new office interiors for a busy summer ahead.

Are you our next office fit out client?

If your business is also considering improving the effect that its office interiors have on the people who workt here, then why not allow the fit out experts here at Oaktree Interiors help?

With the best part of 30 years of experience behind us, we have demonstrated an ability to perform a wide range of innovative office design solutions in regards to creating bespoke working environments for all of our clients. Our client-first approach has been designed to understand everything the business needs to achieve, how its people like to work (and want to feel) and how these elements can be combined.

To learn more about our office design service (including information of how you can take advantage of a FREE, no obligation workplace design consultation), then please feel free to give us a call on 0345 21 86955. Alternatively, you can send any questions you may have via e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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