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The Oaktree team are delighted to announce our appointment to yet another exciting project: an office refurbishment in Maidenhead for MyWorkSpot Ltd.

Taking place just outside of the town centre, less than a mile away from the railway station and close to the A4,with amenities in easy reach, it is the ideal location for the company to serve commuting or local workers.

Who are MyWorkSpot? What are they seeking from their office refurbishment in Maidenhead?

MyWorkSpot is an operator of flexible office and co-working spaces that are designed to serve start-ups, freelancers,established and growing businesses and corporate commuters. The facilities they offer include flexible work, meeting and event space, pay-as-you-go to full-time resident options to suit whatever needs their clients have. Aside from providing them with the means to perform their work, MyWorkSpot is able to offer their clients the use of a supportive, professional community that could potentially help to grow their businesses.

Seeking a better-defined facility close to their current base in Maidenhead, MyWorkSpot consulted a local commercial agent, who recommended our office refurbishment in Maidenhead services. Once our Business Development team established communication with them, we worked closely together to identify which of their recommended sites would best suit their needs. In the end, they settled on a 12,000 sqft space located at Clyde House, itself containing a vast business community.

Our office design solution for MyWorkSpot

After holding a number of client meetings and undertaking various site surveys, we ensured that the building would be able to incorporate the company's corporate branding and co-working ethos. We did this by using innovative design branding techniques over several floors and building new meeting rooms – along with a funky new breakout area designed for their clients.

The areas that will be created in this office refurbishment in Maidenhead project include:

  • “The Garage". From a garage to greatness. This is the motto of MyWorkSpot's meeting facility, in which clients can get around a table and thrash out the steps needed to elevate themselves towards business success. With a myriad of comfortable seating and desk options, a large degree of natural light, as well as attractive and inspirational wall coverings, it is the ideal place for MyWorkSpot's clients to host their own clients!
  • “The Garden". With natural, biophilic design now growing in usage in office spaces across the world, MyWorkSpot want to offer their clients a relaxing area in which they can sit, stand and even lay in an indoor environment that evokes the outdoors. Proven to boost concentration and provide a calming influence, biophilic design is perfect for the working environment.
  • “The Kitchen".Providing a facility for people to prepare their meals, one (often-overlooked)benefit of a kitchen area is that it brings people together to chat about work,life and pretty much everything else. Boosting rapport and strengthening relationships (and providing the means to create healthy meals!) a well-defined kitchen is the key to catering for healthy minds and bodies.
  • "The Open Plan Area". Opening up the working area, open plan design does not have to involve the 'common officeset-up' of regimentally-arranged desks and chairs. MyWorkSpot plan to provide a mixture of furniture and desk set-ups within their open office, including benches, sofas and armchairs.
  • “Additional Work Spaces". Although the collaborative benefits of the open plan working area are there for all to see(literally – there are no barriers between desks!), sometimes the noise of chatter and the clatter of keyboards may prove distracting. This is why this particular office refurbishment in Maidenhead has additional work spaces as part of its plan; quiet areas that allow individuals or small groups to detach themselves away from the main work environment to get on with their tasks at hand.
  • “The Playroom". A different type of collaborative meeting room, MyWorkSpot's 'Playroom' is designed to let the creativity of workers to run wild; things like introducing Lego, games and televisions may help them to explore their thoughts, working to implement them on their projects.

Once this office refurbishment in Maidenhead project is complete, MyWorkSpot will be looking to move onto a Phase Two, which is designed to allow them to make sure that the rest of the building is used, and from start to finish, meets their high-standards of being an innovative, co-working space.

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