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We are very pleased to announce that we have been awarded a contract to carry out a bespoke office interior design in West Drayton for John Guest Limited. Located close to the town centre, their UK HQ comprises of 4,600 sqft of space – office space that the company were seeking to update in order to cater for modern working practices and the expectations of their talented workforce.

Who are John Guest Limited? Why do they need a new office interior design?

The John Guest Group of Companies is a manufacturer of push-in fittings, pipe and plastic plumbing systems for a wide variety of applications and industries. Some of these include drinks dispensing, plumbing, pneumatics, compressed air systems, water purification, automotive and telecommunications.

Founded by engineer John Guest in 1961, the family-owned company blazed the trail in the manufacturing of industrial and die casting machinery, utilising their location near The Grand Union Canal to quickly and easily ship products across the UK and eventually, the world.

Unsurprisingly, the operation grew to encompass new companies, manufacturing different types of machinery, tools and equipment.As time has gone on and market demands have changed, John Guest Ltd has kept with these trends, developing and progressing into a world leader (indeed, this eye for innovation was responsible for them realising that they needed to update their office interiors).

Aside from their headquarters in West Drayton, the company has a truly global presence, with other offices located in Europe, Asia, North America and the Pacific. In June 2018, the group was acquired by Reliance Worldwide Corporation Limited, opening up new opportunities for more growth and innovation. These are things that anew office interior design can help with.

Our office design brief

John Guest Ltd asked us to submit our office design and build proposal for their planned refurbishment of their existing workplace interiors on Horton Road. Wanting to modernise their facility was the major driving factor behind their need to refurbish; bringing the environment of the workplace up to the standards of the modern day.

After understanding their office interior design requirements, we surveyed the building before creating our design proposal, which included:

  • Full refurbishment of the 1st-floor office area.
  • Reconfiguration of the toilet facilities and redecoration throughout.
  • Different types and sizes of meeting rooms.
  • Printing and resource rooms.
  • 1-to-1 interaction/quiet rooms.
  • Large breakout/collaboration area within the open office environment.

We were one of three office design and build companies that pitched for this project and we're delighted to say,through our attention to detail, innovation and dedication to service, we were awarded the contract. Works are due to start presently and we can't wait to get started so John Guest Ltd can start the second half of the calendar year in a modern, bespoke working environment.

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Here at Oaktree Interiors, we are always happy to work with any business operation, regardless of their size, type of industry or their standing within it. We believe in creating a truly bespoke design, establishing workplaces that actually work for the people within it, rather than them, having to shape how they work around the limitations of the interiors. The likelihood of high productivity is more likely if a person feels comfortable and content in their work – give them a facility to cater for this.

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