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We are extremely excited to announce that Substance Global have selected us as their preferred office fit out company to carry out a design and build project for their new London office. As a fast-growing business, Substance Global were seeking to consolidate their rising reputation in the industry, catering for the growth of their team by establishing a bespoke office design in London.

Who are Substance Global? Why the need for a new office design in London?

Substance Global is a marketing agency that specialises in the creation of content and advertisement strategies across digital, social and PR for entertainment and brand clients. The company's highly skilled and passionate team focus on delivering theatrical campaigns for leasing studios, television, gaming and entertainment companies in the UK (as well as select locations across the world). A selection of their client base includes Lego, Lionsgate, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox and Netflix.

Being a company that creates and enhances brands, Substance Global naturally understand the importance of an organisation being able to communicate their particular philosophies and general outlook to customers. As humans, we trust what we see, far more often than what we hear. If our attention is caught by a service through words, we go and check them out to learn more. This is why the 'home' of a business must immediately set the right impression;expressing the same feelings that captured the customers' attention in the first place.

Being based in London, the need to standout for originality is vital; not just to attract and retain customers in one of the most competitive business areas in the world, but also to attract,retain and develop the talents of employees too. By creating a new office design in London, Substance Global will be able to offer their employees a modern, purpose-built facility that would aid them in their work.

The office fit out brief

As one of three office design companies that pitched for this project, we were asked to submit a complete office design& build proposal for their new workplace. Our team quickly mobilised,learning everything we could about the company, their requirements and ambitions, as well as the shortcomings of their current space and how their intended space could be shaped to serve the company better.

The office design proposal, complete with 2D and 3D illustrations, incorporated:

  • A branded meet and greet area.
  • Boardroom and training room.
  • HR office.
  • Small and medium-sized meeting rooms.
  • Open plan working areas with sit-stand desks.
  • Hot desking facilities and private booths.
  • IT room.
  • Lockers and general storage facilities.

After reading through our proposal, we were delighted that Substance Global selected us as their preferred bidders for their new office design in London. Aside from the stunning designs that communicated their brand, Substance Global sighted our attention to detail as a major reason why they chose our services.

We are set to go on site presently, with project start and completion dates being as per those stated in our project brief.

You can be our next office fit out client

If your business is also considering improving the effect that its office interiors have on the people who work there, then why not allow the fit out experts here at Oaktree Interiors to help?

With the best part of 30 years of experience behind us, we have demonstrated an ability to perform a wide range of innovative office design solutions in regards to creating bespoke working environments for all of our clients. Our client-first approach has been designed to understand everything the business needs to achieve, how its people like to work (and want to feel) and how these elements can be combined.

To learn more about our office design in London service (including information of how you can take advantage of a FREE, no obligation workplace design consultation), then please feel free to give us a call on 0345 21 86955. Alternatively, you can send any questions you may have via e-mail to hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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