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The workplace should offer more than a facility for people to work in. It should be a community,a place to feel comfortable, safe and inspired by. It should also heavily contribute to the positive impression that leads visiting clients to take up the services of the business they've come to see.

These are the precise reasons why one of our latest clients, Nyman-Eliga have chosen us here Oaktree Interiors to create an exciting office design in Guildford for them. Read on to learn how we were awarded this project and what changes we'll be making to their current spaces to provide that bespoke office environment.

How were awarded this office design in Guildford project

Graham Nyman, the Managing Director of Nyman Resourcing, found our website via a Google search and was impressed by what he saw. As we endeavour to place as much information as possible about our services on our website, this provided Graham with the confidence that we were experts in our field and well worth making an inquiry to.

We invited Graham to meet up to discuss various options for his idea to refurnish his existing first-floor offices. Having also acquired space on the ground floor of the same building, he was looking for a complete re-design so that he could improve their clients' experience when they visit, along with changing and improving the general office environment for the benefit of his employees.

Who are Nyman Resourcing?

Nyman Resourcing are a highly-respected organisation that specialise in resourcing for the Financial Services Technology Sector. Their particular speciality lies in technology resourcing for organisations such as Asset Management, Investment Management, Insurance and some of the world's largest software, hosting and data service companies. Their focus includes system implementation, IT development, business intelligence, project management/analysis, as well as IT infrastructure and support.

In 2017, the people behind the company launched 'Eliga', a firm that helps companies in the Financial Service sector to deliver solutions using their extensive contractor network. Their unique services provide consulting solutions at a significantly lower cost than competitors.

Like all companies that trade with the tech industry, the need to showcase the expertise of Nyman-Eliga through the design of their office was a vital element in them seeking a bespoke office design in Guildford and (thanks to our expertise), why they chose us to help.

Nyman-Eliga's new office design

Based at Unit 6 Riverview, Walnut Tree Close, in an attractive part of Guildford (close to the River Wey and its surrounding greenery), Nyman-Eliga's offices are close to the A3 and just half-a-mile from Guildford railway station. In short, it's the ideal location for any growing business that wants to place the experiences of its staff and clients at the forefront. But what about the interior?

After numerous discussions with Graham, we created an office design plan that incorporated his requirements, as well as some of our own suggestions. We're pleased to report that he was impressed and gave us the green light to commence the works presently.

The agreed scope of works for Nyman-Eliga's new office design in Guildford, include LED lighting throughout both floors, a full re-decoration of all surfaces, new flooring, and the creation of new front-end meeting rooms and interview rooms. Also included will be the 'pièce de résistance'; a new breakout zone that will provide the perfect place for collaboration and refreshment.

Colour is very important to Nyman-Eliga too;indeed, Graham's staff and partner have shown great interest in developing the overall look & feel of the office with our Design Team. Amongst some of these aesthetic changes is a refresh of desk screens with new fabric colours; each block of desks having a different colour so when you move around the floor, the colour changes.

A good example of this is reflected within the main office itself; the carpet will be a grey colour for practicality and to provide a neutral base, whilst the copier area can have a feature colour to denote its area. Each room will have their own feature colour; the carpet contrasting with the chair fabric to create a unique identity for each environment.

Works are now underway and they have been split into two phases so that both Nyman-Eliga and Oaktree Interiors can work simultaneously alongside each other, without disruption. The project completion date is set for 8 weeks.

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For over 30 years we have been designing bespoke modern office fit outs that have helped our clients to get the most from the spaces they work in.

Regardless of your particular needs or budget, our leading experience stands as a testament to the quality of works that we can perform; meeting the challenges presented by the expectations of employees and clients alike.

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