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No matter the requirements of our clients – whether they're completely reshaping their current office space, moving to a brand-new one or even expanding it, our talented and experienced design and build team are able to create the perfect work environment, no matter the industry, scale or budget involved. As such, we are thrilled to announce that one of our ongoing projects is the expansion of Asset Advantage's office design in Basingstoke. Taking place at Matrix House, located just outside of the town centre, this new office will see the company double their existing floor space, by opening up a new wing. Please read on to find out more about the unique work we're undertaking.

Who Are Asset Advantage? Why Do They Need To Expand Their Office Design In Basingstoke?

Asset Advantage are an independent, privately-owned asset business, who provide a wide range of financial options for small and medium-sized businesses. These options typically include business loans (to improve their clients' investment options), hire purchasing (that gives clients an opportunity to gain outright ownership of an asset) and even improving their equipment stocks by lease financing. Asset Advantage's finance products are created as a result of their experience, expertise and unique business processes that are designed to deliver a tailored, perfect solution to their clients.

Their business is delivered to clients via a network of independent introducers throughout the UK. By working closely with their broker panel, they're able to combine swift decision making with a commercially-comprehendible approach to credit decision, making a top tier approach to the management of their agreements. In a world that is awash with a vast number of finance offers, Asset Advantage believe that their services provide a refreshing alternative to high street banks; allowing their clients to agree terms on bespoke loans that will truly be of benefit to their business.

It's as a result of their approach, that Asset Advantage has experienced great success – leading to a need to expand their current offices with a new office design in Basingstoke. Already ideally located in the largest town in Hampshire, the ever-growing business community of the South East will no doubt provide Asset Advantage with further work within the coming years.

Asset Advantage's New Office Expansion

After working closely with the company to understand their requirements and their ambitions for their office space, we created a design that took each and every aspect into consideration. We are happy to report that they agreed with our recommendations and gave us the go-ahead to commence the project.

The works that we will undertake as part of Asset Advantage's new office design in Basingstoke, include:

  • Utilising the available space to accommodate 60 staff in their open plan area, across two wings.
  • To create new offices for the Directors and HR Manager.
  • The creation of new meeting rooms, including a boardroom, new office storage, a new communications room and new print stations to be positioned around the office.
  • A brand-new breakout and kitchen/eating areas that provide a space for employees to relax, unwind, prepare food as well as to undertake informal meetings.
  • Refurbishment of the current WC facilities, mechanical installations and new power/data electrical services.

We will continue to work closely with the company and the landlord of the building, in assisting them with their LTA requirements and following our instruction, works are due to be completed in early 2018. Once the project is completed, we look forward to being able to showcase this finished office design in Basingstoke as part of our case study section.

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