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Creating a strong brand is a vital element in the success of any business as it's now one of the biggest reflections of a company and how it operates. Effective branding can establish a business from its competitors, and allow it to continue growing until it has a dominant position within its market. One way in which your company can instil a brand and its message to your employees and clients is through an office interior that reflects the brand and what it represents.

Why Should Office Interiors Reflect Your Brand?

Some people will say an office is just an office, but this could not be further the truth because a brand is more than just a logo or name. It is communicated in every way you interact with your customers, whether it's on the phone or in a reception. Having an office interior which is appreciated by employees will not only boost their productivity, but also builds their loyalty towards the brand and conveys its corporate culture to people on the outside.

“The workplace is more than a place for people to sit," explains Andrew Garnar-Wortzel, a principal with Gensler-New York, one of the nation's leading architecture and interior design firms. “It is an environment for the company to be able to communicate with its customers and its employees in terms of what is done there, as well as the value and brand of the company." He says there are three key points to consider:

  1. Practicality – Office interiors needs to fully support everything the business undertakes, and provide all facilities or equipment which may be required. Having enough meeting rooms and computer desks are the obvious requirements, but this also includes anything which is important for the day-to-day work of the company.
  2. Memorable – This is even more important for companies who regularly have clients coming in and out of their office. First impressions are vital as they can make the difference between customers choosing you over one of your competitors. “To be memorable, the workplace needs to create an emotional connection to people that will make the experience an event," says Andrew. This is usually reflected through visual and physical connections, which include the colour schemes, furniture layout and other aesthetics which all combine together to create a memorable environment.
  3. Liveable – An office interior is used every day for many years. Ensuring it is liveable over the long term will make your employees more settled and save you making frequent changes in future. Having space for future expansion is also a wise idea when considering your office interiors, although moving into an office which is too big will mean that people will be spread out more money is required to heat and maintain the unused areas.

Bespoke Office Interiors From Oaktree

At Oaktree Interiors we have 30 years of experience and knowledge that makes us one of the leading office refurbishment companies having completed office interiors in London and across the UK. We've provided tailored solutions for both large and small companies, helping them create an office interior which has everything they need for the future success of their brand.

To find out more about our great office design and refurbishment solutions, get in contact with us by emailinghello@oaktreeoffice.com or calling 0845 474 3556, where you can speak to one of our advisors.

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