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From the 1st January this year, much derision was directed at the rail authorities after ticket prices experienced a rise of up to 3.4%, on last year. With Brexit talks still ongoing and a continuing pattern of talented Londoners (and those from further afield) moving away from the capital for improved career opportunities, there's unsurprisingly, currently much worry about the local economy.

In this blog, we're going to look at some of these issues and explain, why an improvement in your office fit out in London could be the key to success.

The Issues Affecting Office Fit Out In London In 2018

  • The Rise In Rail Fares. Train travel is very much the veins that run through the body of London; without them, people simply wouldn't be able to get to work. With congestion charges and potential traffic issues, the prospect of arranging their own transport, or even taking the bus, is an option that isn't possible for many – so the train it has to be. The prospect of them having to pay more for their travel to and from work may lead to employees to ask for a rise in wages – something that the business (who may already be existing on a tight London budget) could struggle to meet. As a result, it isn't inconvincible that employees may move elsewhere (perhaps even to an area outside of London - see point 3), costing the business an otherwise dedicated employee.
  • A Protracted Brexit. With talks continuing, an expected exit of the EU in 2019 and the likely possibility of a transition period thereafter, the makeup of Brexit is still very much up in the air. The true effects of Brexit probably won't even be known for at least the next decade anyway – so instead of waiting, many a business has already decided to pack up their office fit out in London and move elsewhere. This will have an additional impact on those businesses in the city who are B2B – so the need to retain their existing client base has never been so vital.
  • The Central London Talent Drain. For many people (and businesses), prices to live and work in London has simply become too much and it's because of this, that sees them look for work elsewhere. Areas immediately outside of the capital, such as Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Kent have benefitted greatly from this, with their business communities growing simply because they can offer much-cheaper rental/purchase rates AND still maintain strong transport links to and from London.

Thinking Smarter With Your Office Design

Regardless of these issues, London still remains a vibrant place to live and work and having a business based there still offers an incentive for talented staff and clients to work with you.

Here's how thinking smarter with your office fit out in London can help with...

  • Improved Business Operations. Improving your office design is a great opportunity to think about how each and every aspect of your operation works and precisely how they can be better-organised so that they have positive effects on your employees and in turn, the business.
  • Improved Productivity. One of the major reasons why businesses choose to reorganise their office fit out in London is to create an environment that will help to engage their employees and make them feel comfortable as they go about their work. An environment that helps a person to feel happy, comfortable and driven will undoubtedly help to push them on to produce more work at a much higher quality – all of benefit to the business.
  • Creating A Great Impression. Talented people will need to feel that they are able to operate in an environment that aids them in their work, not somewhere that restricts them. If they feel frustrated that they aren't able to express themselves in their work, this won't ever play favourably in their commitment to the company. Then of course, if you need to host clients as part of your business, you'll need to make that great first impression. Setting that unique, modern, professional image of your company is vital in winning business – it could even be the deciding factor between you winning that important contract, or not.

Bespoke Office Fit Out In London From Oaktree Interiors

The impact that a well-defined office fit out in London will have on a business, is something that we have plenty of experience of here at Oaktree Interiors. We have helped a wide array of local business operations over the years to re-imagine their workplaces, transforming them into productive environments that combine working functionality needs, alongside bespoke branding and aesthetics that say everything about our clients, without them having to utter a word of a promotion.

No matter the size of your business – whether it's a recent start-up looking to establish itself or an experienced company looking to refresh its look, there are plenty of benefits to be had from improving your office interiors – something that we can help you to gain from.

Want To Learn More About How We Can Create The Perfect Office Design For You?

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