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Refurbishing an office space can be a difficult and time consuming task. As such, it can be very helpful to speak to skilled professionals and enquire about a professional refurbishment service. So, if you're interested in office refurbishment in Slough or the surrounding areas, get in touch with the friendly and dedicated Oaktree team by calling us on 0345 21 86955.

Three Tips For Office Refurbishment

  1. Think About How Your Employees Will Interact With Your Office Space
    Your office environment is a work space and as such it is very important that you consider how your employees will interact with the space.

    If you envision your employees working in small groups on projects together, the design of the office space should reflect this, however if your employees will be working alone on projects and only on occasion working together, perhaps your office space should give your employees the privacy needed to concentrate on their individual tasks, whilst also providing small social areas near kitchen areas so that employees can socialise without disturbing others in the office space.

    However, you also have to think about furniture. Whilst the office layout is very important, furniture and other items such as art or office plants are also important.

    Indeed some businesses choose to refurbish their office environment when they are rebranding their business. However, if you business isn't rebranding, a refurbishment is still a fantastic opportunity to add some colour to the workplace, you could even colour co-ordinate different office spaces. For example, a meeting room could have purple accents, the sales team's room could have red accents, and another room could have blue accents.

    If you're considering adding some new colours to your office environment when you refurbish the premises, you might be interested in learning about the impact that colour could have on your office space. If you would like to learn more about the use of colour in your office, please read our blog titled “How Important Are The Colours In Your Office?"

  2. Consider The Impact The Office Space Could Have On Productivity
    With regards to office productivity, there are numerous things to consider. For example, temperature. If your office environment is too hot or too cold, it could have an impact on productivity. As written in one of our previous blogs, “When a space is cold, your employees will feel alert, but uncomfortable, whilst intense heat can make them lethargic". If you'd like to learn more about temperature's impact on productivity, you could do so by reading our blog, “The Best Practices To Maximise Your Employee Productivity".

    However, it isn't just temperature that can have an impact on office productivity. It is also very important that you consider how your office environment reacts to sound. For example, if you're opting for a large open office area with lots of employees talking on phones, the sound could be very distracting for some employees.

    However, it's not just sound generated inside the office that could be distracting. For example, if your office is located close to a main road, next to a train station, or inside a large city; it could be great news for employees during their commutes. However, this could also pose an issue for employees with regards to noise levels and the potential for employees to get distracted.
  3. Think About How Your Office Environment Could Improve Employee Wellbeing.
    Did you know that the UK's workforce is one of the unhealthiest in the world? Indeed, almost 20% of us are underweight and 52% admit to having a poor diet! Additionally, 40% admit to smoking and 19% say they drink too much.

    So, given the United Kingdom's workforce being one of the unhealthiest in the world, why should your business consider improving employee wellbeing? Firstly improving wellbeing could save you money. Employees being absent from work due to physical or mental health issues can be an issue for many businesses. Did you know that the average worker in Britain takes as many as nine days off for illness every year?

    Additionally, employee wellbeing practices that seek to improve both the physical and mental wellbeing of your employees could affect employee productivity. As such, health and wellness schemes could contribute to a boost in company morale.

    There are numerous ways that you could incorporate wellbeing into your office design. For example, you could increase the amount of natural light in your workplace. Additionally, you could also look to your kitchen area and add areas for fresh fruit, or perhaps include a gym in your office to promote exercise.

Professional Office Refurbishment Services From Oaktree Interiors

A poorly designed office environment could potentially cause or contribute to low productivity, high levels of frustration, or low employee wellbeing. As such, a poorly designed office could have a large impact on your business.

If your business is considering an office refurbishment in Slough or the surrounding areas, it is very important that your business chooses the right office refurbishment service.

The Oaktree Interiors team have worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, and are one of the most experienced providers of office refurbishment services. So, if you're searching for a professional office refurbishment service, speak to the talented and friendly team at Oaktree Interiors.

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