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In a recent blog , we talked about a new office refurbishment in Berkshire that we were embarking on for Logoplaste, explaining that their relocation was brought about by the company's desire to downsize their operations – due to an increasing number of staff working from home. Instead of paying for empty office space, equipment and utility bills, the company wanted to take advantage of a space that was better-defined for them – something that we only were too happy to assist them with.

Why Downsize With An Office Refurbishment In Berkshire?

This re-organisation of their workplace also allowed the company to think about its current operations and the working practices of its employees; ultimately, this 'downsizing' should create a better structure for it to progress from (and when it comes to 'building structures' in an officeenvironment – we know what we're talking about!)

If you're thinking about undertaking an office refurbishment in Berkshire to introduce an increased level of flexibility, either with hot-desking or indeed, remote working capabilities – in this blog, we're going to look at their benefits and getting to the bottom of why such flexibility is on the rise in the modern world.

The Benefits Of Remote Working

Remote working is actually nothing new; the rapid development of technology within the last decade alone has made it possible for workers to log-on to the work server, no matter where they may be located (as long as there's an internet connection, of course!)

Here are just a few major benefits that home/remote working can bring to a business:

  • No Commute . The bane of many a workers day. Getting to and from work can often be expensive, difficult and extremely stressful – no doubt leaving a negative feeling inside of us when we do get back to work. These are feelings that you would obviously want to eliminate – and working from home eliminates the need for a commute. Employees who work from home will be able to relax and feel good, which will translate into the work they produce. Not only that but with the constant rise in fuel and transport prices, employees will feel less inclined to ask for travel expenses, or a rise in wages to cover their commute. This will allow you to save money, perhaps even concentrating it on offering bonuses for your employees achieving great work for the company?
  • Potential Rise In Productivity . One of the major elements of all office designs that we create here at Oaktree is the need for them to be a home away from home. Home is where we feel comfortable, safe, be ourselves. As such, it makes sense that such an environment can help to push us on to produce great work in a holistic manner. Whilst you can indeed do great things with an office refurbishment in Berkshire – sometimes as individuals, we only ever experience the feelings mentioned, when we're literally at home. Without the pressures of the work arena, many people find that they do indeed produce better work at home – something you should definitely consider.
  • Fewer Sick Days ... Not only are you feeling under the weather, you also have to face that difficult commute. Then you get to work and can't concentrate because you're uncomfortable, feel pressured and stressed – so what was the point of turning up? Working from home offers that comfortable environment and eliminates the need to commute, meaning that it's probably more likely that you'll get on with your work, despite you feeling under the weather. A survey , undertaken by the Canada Life Group underlines this – employees who worked in a physical office took off 3.1 days of sick leave, whereas homeworkers took just 1.8 days off. Food for thought.
  • Lower office costs . Just like our client, Logoplaste, many a company take the opportunity to hot-desk their workplace and/or have employees work from home, simply because it suits their business better. With a vast increase in globalisation throughout the last 40 years, many firms deal internationally – whether that's through buying/selling products or expanding their operations to other countries; the days when everyone who worked for the same company, would work in the same building, are over. The added benefit of a flexible workplace, of course, is that the business can better define the office space they use – they can reduce their costs on rental, utilities and technology supplies at a stroke.

So Will We All Be Remote Working In The Future?

With that selection of benefits, you may be convinced that remote working is the future for us all and offices will be obsolete in the coming decades. Actually, not quite – it all depends on the type of business and the philosophies that it holds to its heart. You will still need an office as a meeting place; whether that's to discuss work, to share ideas and of course, to treat with clients. The nature of the business may also require people to be able to instantly work together at set times of the day – something that isn't always achievable if people aren't physically present within the same space. So there IS a future for offices – the design of them will just need to be uniquely defined to meet whatever the unique needs of the business are.

Unique Office Design From Oaktree

No matter your requirements – whether you need an office refurbishment in Berkshire to create a modern or slimmed-down office to manage your flexible or homeworking staff, or if you're looking for a more traditional office space in which everyone is present – we can help.

Having been carrying out office design work for over 30 years now, the team here at Oaktree Interiors have gained a great experience and knowledge on how a well-honed design can help a business to progress. We simply believethat the layout of the workplace should work alongside your employees, asanother member of staff rather than just somewhere to work in – as such, it's likely that with a more-bespoke office, you'll experience an upturn in productivity, employee retention and company reputation.

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