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Being ideally located outside the hustle and bustle of the London 'bubble', areas such as Berkshire have benefitted from the rising rental rates and growth in competition that the big smoke presents. As a result, the area has been able to attract investment and an influx of talent. In this blog, we're going to look at why the area is so rife with productivity – and how office fitters in Slough can help to continue, or perhaps even boost this trend.

Oaktree Interiors – Experienced Office Fitters In Slough.

Here at Oaktree, we are office fitters in Slough who have spent over 3 decades helping all manner of business operations to re-imagine their workspaces, helping to create them environments that are more in-tuned to their operations. No matter if it's a large-scale, international company, or a small, local business or start-up, we have a proven track record of work that is unrivalled in the area. As such, we have noticed an increased amount of businesses that have either been seeking a refurbishment or need help in relocating to Slough.

Being a large town in Berkshire, Slough already has the infrastructure in place to attract businesses seeking to save on costs, as well as talented workers looking for new challenges. As a result of this investment in the town and its facilities, as well as the influx of workers, productivity in the town has grown. This, in turn, has helped to strengthen the standing of local businesses and has worked to attract even more companies to the town, growing the business community even further.

Slough – No.1 For Productivity!

A recent study undertaken by Centre for Cities revealed that Slough is the most productive place in the UK – beating London to the title. The organisation, which is an information resource for UK and international businesses to understand and improve the economic performance of UK cities and large towns, presented their report that revealed that Slough's 'productivity per worker' is valued at over £82,000. The findings are based on data from the Office of National Statistics' (ONS) data on regional gross value, from local authorities around the country, as well as ONS' Business Register of Employment Survey. These results are extremely encouraging for the town and the surrounding area, as it highlights the continued growth of Slough into one of the premier destinations for business investment – not just in the South East of England, but the entire UK.

Quoted by The Slough Express, the leader of Slough Borough Council, Sohail Munawar, welcomed the news as an example of the Slough's varied working base that comprises everything from small enterprises to big business headquarters. With plans already afoot to invest around £60m into the town's leisure facilities, along with improvements to other areas of the town's housing and retail sectors set to be carried out, the future is seemingly bright for the area.

Cllr Munawar said of the town and its future “Slough means business and we are continuing to build on our past successes with investment in new homes, leisure, infrastructure, schools, green spaces – all of which brings further investment in our town".

In such an uncertain business climate provided by the ongoing Brexit negotiations, this news is certainly welcome. Regardless of what happens when (or if) a deal to leave the European Union is struck, it isn't unreasonable to suggest that further investment will continue to make its way into Slough, simply because of the sheer financial implications faced by many in London. It's ultimately this that is making the town the hottest business destination in the UK. As such, thinking about utilising office fitters in Slough to better define their workspaces, could prove vital for some businesses that have local competition to contend with.

How Can An Office Refurbishment Help My Business?

If you're based in Slough, in the Berkshire area – or are even thinking about moving there – then ensuring that your office offers a functional, positive environment is crucial. Not only is the office a place that plays host to the workforce (and therefore has to offer a comfortable and functional environment for staff to produce work in) but if you need to host clients too, then making that positive impression is paramount.

  • Make An Impression. The office should work as an extension of your advertising materials or company philosophy. The materials or values that got your client interested in your services in the first place will also need to be reflected in the office space. When entering your place of work, the client will immediately get an impression of how you operate – helping them to formulate the final decision on whether they will do business with you. If they walk in and see an environment that is disorganised, or just simply dull to look at – this won't convince them that you take pride in your work, creating a negative impression. An environment that functions well and can portray that through its design and aesthetics, can only place a positive impression on them and they'll be reassured that they're dealing with a professional, modern, forward-thinking company that takes great pride in its work and is one that values its employees.
  • Productivity of Staff. One of the reasons that Slough is amongst the areas of highest productivity in the country, can probably be put down to the fact that many businesses have recognised the need for new, modern facilities. As we've built up a great experience in the industry, our office fitters in Slough have noticed throughout the years, the effects that an inspiring, bespoke office has on employees. Working in an environment that is comfortable and functional will only help to aid and inspire staff in their roles, even leading to better health and wellbeing – and of course, higher levels of productivity. One that isn't functional and is dull to exist in, can only reflect the same feelings in the mind of the employee.

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