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Here at Oaktree, each new project that we undertake offers its own unique challenges – one day we could be creating a call centre for an electronics company, the next, we could be helping to design a comfortable workspace for a team of lawyers. No project is too big or too small for our expert team – as another one of our recent appointments, the creation of new office interiors in London for TAFS Group Limited has proven.

New Office Interiors In London For TAFS Group Ltd.

This latest project to create new office interiors in London for TAFS will consist of a relocation of their current operations to a brand-new location, located in High Street, Stratford. After undertaking an initial meeting with TAFS and carrying out the subsequence surveyance of their new office's shell and core, we submitted our office design and build proposal to them for consideration. The proposal included 2/3-D visuals of how their office would look, in terms of its overall aesthetics, as well as its set-up and layout. TAFS were very positive about the proposal and appointed us on the spot as their preferred design and build company, to carry out the work on their new office interiors in London.

The new office contains approximately 7400sqft of space, decked out over three floors and will comprise of a large boardroom, a number of cellular offices, meeting rooms, a wellness room, breakout area, kitchen and hot desking facilities. The remainder of the office will be given over to an open plan working environment, as well as a new functional and attractive reception area. When the shell and core has been fitted, we will deliver and install all necessary furniture and technical components for the company to be able to move straight into their bespoke office interiors in London.

Who Are TAFS Group Limited?

TAFS Group are a well-established franchise partner for some of the world's largest restaurant groups, including such brands as Starbucks and KFC. TAFS currently operate 12 KFC restaurants and 3 Starbucks outlets. Being a people-focused company, they are dedicated to driving towards delivering the best operational standards as possible, as their team of over 250 employees take great pride in creating freshly prepared food in their restaurants, every single day.

Why Should My Company Consider An Office Relocation?

The reason why a company may choose to relocate their current operations can vary. They may have outgrown their current office or have a need to expand. They may be wanting to be located in a more favourable location or have found a better-value lease elsewhere. They could just simply want a fresh start in a new location, with new office interiors – all things that could help to boost the productivity and standing of a business.

Here are three reasons as to why you should be thinking about improving your office interiors:

  • Improve The Work Produced By The Business – An intelligent and forward-thinking business understands that in order to get the best out of the very people who are trying to make it a success, the facilities provided will need to help them to be able to produce the best work possible. By honing the office design and equipment towards their specific ways of working and just generally creating a comfortable environment, is the best way in which to achieve this.
  • Re-Organise – Undertaking a fresh start is the best way in which to take stock, understand what you need and how you need to achieve you goals. Armed with this information, you'll be able to create a work environment that is specially shaped towards your business and your employees – instead of you having to work around the limitations offered by an existing office space.
  • Better Branding – When is a home, a home? The most popular answer to this potentially subjective question is; when you can put your own mark on the place. This is why we decorate our homes not long after we move in – if they don't reflect our likes and personalities, it isn't truly home, is it? The same should apply to a home of a business. Having created many new office interiors in London, we can say with confidence that a bespoke, branded workplace will help to create a unique atmosphere for staff and impress clients alike. If you're looking to set the utmost professional image, one of an intelligent, forward-thinking company, then branded interiors are a must.

Innovative Office Design, By Oaktree Interiors.

Regardless of your reasons to refresh your office interiors in London – we at Oaktree are here to help you to realise your perfect office environment. Each project that we undertake is carried out to a set timescale and plan that has been designed every step of the way with our clients, helping to both realise their requirements, as well as to cut down on any potential disruption to their business operations.

If you would like to learn more about how your business could benefit from an office refurbishment or relocation, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our friendly office design experts. You can give us a call today on 0845 474 3556. You can also contact us by e-mail at hello@oaktreeoffice.com

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