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When you have issues with your office environment, sometimes it can be a difficult task to decide if you should refurbish your workplace with a professional service for office refurbishment in Berkshire or if you should instead relocate your business and design a new office environment with a professional office design and space planning service.

Office Refurbishment Or Relocation; Which Is Right For Your Business?

Both refurbishment and relocation can be a fantastic way to provide your employees and your business with a wonderful new office environment to work in; however it can be difficult to decide which you should choose, so here are a few tips to help.

Should you refurbish, or should you relocate and design a new office environment?

  • Do You Want To Optimise Your Current Workplace, Or Do You Want A Larger Office Environment?
    People relocate and refurbish their offices for numerous different reasons. Some refurbish their place of work in order to make better use of the available space. However, if your team is growing at a consistently large rate and you're running out of available space, perhaps you should consider relocating your business in order to find a larger office environment.

    With a larger office environment you could utilise a space planning service to design an office environment that makes the most out of the large space that is available. Additionally, with Oaktree Interiors, you can utilise our professional office interiors service and break up large open spaces in order to create dedicated areas, optimising the space available.

    However, if you are not searching for a larger space and simply wish to make the most out the space that you currently have available; a refurbishment service might be better suited to your business. With a professional office refurbishment service from Oaktree Interiors, our team can provide a wide range of comprehensive office services including but not limited to: joinery work, partitioning systems, plumbing and waterworks, furniture and storage solutions, suspended ceilings and networking services.
  • Is There A Good Talent Pool In Your Current Location?
    One of the reasons why people choose to relocate is to access a new talent pool. If for example you are searching for skilled individuals in a specific field, perhaps you could find it beneficial to relocate to an area where recruitment may be easier.

    However, if your business is currently located in an area with access to lots of potential employees, perhaps relocation isn't the right decision; perhaps your business could make better use of a refurbishment service.

    Indeed, if your business has access to a fantastic local talent pool for potential employees, a professional office refurbishment service can be a fantastic way to upgrade your workplace. Additionally, refurbishment can be a fantastic way to attract new talent to your business.

    If you would like to learn about how your business can use an office refurbishment service to attract new employees to your business, read our blog post titled “How Can An Office Refurbishment In Mayfair Help To Attract and Retain Talented Employees?" This blog discusses numerous different office refurbishment tips that could help your business attract new employees; it discusses things such as first impressions, business branding and the work environment itself.
  • Are You Happy In Your Current Location?
    Is your location currently working for you? If the answer is no, searching for a more desirable property and designing a new office space with a professional office design service could be the ideal way of upgrading your workplace and meeting the needs of your business and employees.

    However, if you are happy in your current location, if your employees have comfortable commutes, if clients are reasonably close for meetings and if there is an appropriate amount of parking available for employees, perhaps an office refurbishment service could provide you with the workplace upgrades that you are searching for.

Is The Time Right To Relocate? Or Should Your Refurbish Your Current Workplace?

Understanding when the time is right for your business to relocate can be difficult and confusing. There are lots of different factors to consider, however the decision to refurbish or relocate and design a new workplace can have a large impact on your business for the years to come, so it is important that you speak to a skilled and reputable professional and carefully consider the options that are available.

Oaktree Interiors can provide a wide variety of different office solutions including office design and space planning, office interiors and office refurbishment in Berkshire. So if you're unsure which steps you should take don't panic, Oaktree Interiors can help. If you would like to request a free consultation, you can do so by giving our team a call on 0845 474 3556.

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So if you're searching for advice, inspiration or if you would like to learn more information about office design, interiors and refurbishment; visit the Oaktree Interiors blog today.

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