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To stay ahead of the competition and in tune with current office design trends, businesses need to keep an eye on what is predicted to grow in popularity over the next few years. By understanding what's on trend,businesses can move with the times and the market; staying ahead of the game when it comes to providing the ideal working environment for its employees, as well as attracting new clients and talent.

Is your business looking to refresh its office interiors soon? Here are some of the top office design trends that are expected to take off from 2023, so keep these in mind when planning your office redesign.

What office design trends will grow throughout 2023 and beyond?


The office of the future will be sustainable, but not just for environmental reasons. Building or refurbishing offices can have an impact on how you do business too. Whether your company sources its materials nearby (thereby reducing carbon footprint), recycle previously wasted products into something new and useful; there are many ways that sustainability impacts every aspect from construction through management practices so they're key considerations in any design project going forward.

Virtual Assistants

The future of office technology has never looked brighter with virtual assistant apps like Alexa and Microsoft Teams staple for home workers now a part of the hybrid workplace. And something new on trend app-controlled coffee machines that will make your morning routine more convenient than ever before.

Open Space Design

Open space design is the key to productivity and versatility. With Zoom booths, phone booth style open plan desks for those who need more room; neurodiverse spaces where employees can take time out during their day if they need some down time; there are so many options when it comes not just working but also staying productive.

Plants and Biophilics

You can never have enough plants; they help to purify the air, they look bright and they boost moods and productivity. Much better than plain white walls! Bringing living biophilic walls into the office combines aesthetics with nature,creating a pleasant and comforting space for everyone present.

The Bolder The Colour, The Better

Bright colours – in the form of feature walls and art pieces around the office can spark energy and creativity. Retro patterns in place of bold colours are also a great option, and have been a growing trend for motivational reasons.

Quiet Spaces

In today's fast-paced, high-stress world,it's more important than ever to have a place to relax and recharge. That's why quietspaces are becoming an increasingly popular feature in office design. These spaces provide employees with a place to escape the hustle and bustle of the work day, and they can help to boost productivity and creativity. Quiet spaces can be used for individual reflection or small group discussions, and they can be furnished with comfortable chairs, couches, or even yoga mats. As more companies recognise the importance of employee wellness, it's likely that quiet spaces will become even more common in office designs in the years to come.

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