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A modern office environment is constantly changing and evolving. As the design of an office is one of the most important aspects of bringing success to the business – it will need to be able to move with these changes. This is why many companies are starting to invest more thought into their interior design – and why they call upon office fitters in London to help.

Oaktree Interiors, Experienced Office Fitters In London.

As vastly experienced office fitters in London here at Oaktree Interiors, we too have constantly changed and adapted to modern office design trends, placing us in a unique position at the forefront of the industry. We are able to create modern, flexible and bespoke office environments that instead of being a room that we work in, is instead a room that works alongside the business and employees, perfectly fitting the brand ideals of the company and providing easy access to the right tools and technology for employees to be able to complete their work.

The Latest Trends In Office Design.

Whilst many small changes will only be fleeting, there are some that have become a fixture of the office environments offered by forward-thinking, modern businesses. These include aspects such as collaborative and flexible wellbeing, brand implementation, easy integration and usage of technology, as well as employee wellbeing.

Here, we'll take a closer look at each of these modern office design trends:

  • Flexible and Collaborative Offices. One of the most frequently mentioned office fit out innovations in recent years, that office fitters in London have been undertaking, has been that of the ability of the design to be flexible. Whether it's a relatively simple design such as an open office, or something even more intricate and custom, businesses can shape the design to suit their requirements (rather than their requirements having to work around the design).

    The idea at the centre of a flexible design of an office is the understanding that different industries will have different requirements as different employees will be undertaking a vast range of tasks (some of which are best undertaken in certain, set conditions). This is precisely why businesses are now dedicating specific spaces to their employees to perform their specific duties.

    Examples of these specific installations include introducing silent, individual working areas for those who need to concentrate on a particular task, away from a potentially distracting environment. On the other hand, large collaborative areas are becoming more and more commonplace, as they help to get employees together to work on projects and to hold informal meetings on the best methods forward. Hot desking – a design method that sees employers use different desks to suit their requirements on a day-to-day business, is another popular set-up in a flexible office fit out.

    Overall, 'flexible design' doesn't just refer to the improvements to the physical space of the office – it also refers to the implementation and design of desks, chairs, other furnishings, as well as other installations that can be reorganised and reconfigured. Our offices aren't just becoming increasingly flexible – our needs are making them more adaptable to our working practices too.
  • Placing Branding At The Heart of The Design of An Office. Functionality is just one of many aspects that businesses can customise in their office design. It also offers the ideal way in which to improve and bring about a better culture and identity for the company. Businesses have only started to become aware of the link between the culture of an office and the creation of a company brand, coupled with how the design of the office can be of influence to both. This is why it's now commonplace for modern businesses to use their office spaces to display 'their story' of 'who they are and what they're about'. This can be achieved by customising aspects such as colour schemes, artwork and the overall aesthetic that works as a reflection of the company's branding materials. Some businesses even display their products, alongside photographs to give potential clients and other visitors a vision of the business and what it's all about.
  • Integrating With Technology. One of the most recent introductions, simply because of the easy and versatile nature in which it can be used, the installation of tech has started to dictate how the workplace is designed. These smart offices are perfectly able to combine technology with the physical space offered by the workplace, in order to help the business to achieve their aims. Not only that but by integrating software and hardware within the workplace, businesses are able to manage nearly every single aspect of their environment remotely. Whether it's the temperature or levels of light produced, through to even making bookings for meeting rooms and managing schedules – smart tech can streamline the workings of the office, making it run as smoothly as possible.
  • Employee Wellbeing. Producing a sense of wellbeing isn't just applicable in our home life – it's vital in our work life too. Seeing as we're at work for the majority of the day, businesses have come to realise that the workplace must cater to the health and wellbeing of staff by producing an environment that will help them to produce their best work and in turn, improve their mood. It isn't just the quality of work and the productivity that a business can benefit from by introducing a more holistic approach to their offices designs – with employee sickness costing the business of their influence, introducing such measures has become a priority for many.

    Whether it's making simple changes, such as introducing healthy snacks or tea and coffee points to making vast changes, such as the creation of break rooms for employees to rest and relax in, there is much a business can implement within an office design, thanks to office fitters in London.

Modern, Bespoke Office Design, From Oaktree Interiors

Every office that we design takes into account the specific needs of our client – no part of our office design process is undertaken without first seeking approval from them. The result is always an office fit out that is unique and bespoke, making it perfect for them to conduct their business in and making for potential long-term future growth and success.

If you're looking for office fitters in London who can advise you on how a brand-new office design can help to improve your business, why not get in touch with us today? You can call our friendly team on 0845 474 3556 or alternatively, you can send us an e-mail at hello@oaktreeoffice.com.

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