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To underline our expertise at working with all manner of business operations with their specific and specialist requirements, one of our recent jobs was to create new and exciting office interiors in Oxford for a pharmaceutical research company. The project involved a complete refurbishment of 12,000sqft of office space, which created a more-bespoke environment for the company to work out of – helping employees to better go about their work in an office that works with them, rather than just being somewhere for them to work in.

If you're looking to improve your workplace interiors in Oxford, or anywhere in the South East of England, read on to see how we're carrying out this project – and how we can help you.

Why The Need For New Office Interiors In Oxford?

As a leader in their particular industry, the company understood the need to refresh their current office interiors in Oxford in order to provide a more bespoke facility for their talented staff to work from. Their requirements were:

  • The creation of new offices, open plan workspaces, meeting rooms and support spaces, that not only allow for future growth, but also enables a cultural change within the office environment. This will allow staff members to increase innovation, collaboration, build relationships and to work agile. What's more, with the services offered by the building updated to a modern, efficient standard, they will able to achieve all of those points and more in their new office interiors in Oxford.
  • The creation of a consistent and strong corporate identity and values throughout the design.
  • Reimagining the space so that teams and departments are all ideally located to communicate with each other, improving the workflow. In addition, localised storage must be installed with constant access to natural light and external views for staff.
  • Large spaces for company meetings of up to 60 people, along with the installation of a high-definition projector screen.
  • New, modern furniture that is both space efficient – and future proof.
  • A reception area that can capture the imagination of visitors and impress clients alike. Furthermore, the area should also be better-orientated to serve the working practices of the receptionist and other staff members.
  • The need to make better usage of the floor plate – using central areas for additional meeting and support spaces.
  • Comfortable meeting and 'touchdown' spaces that are local and accessible to everyone.
  • A main breakout area in which people are able to socialise and build relationships with others from other departments.
  • The creation of centrally-located support spaces that are designed to encourage interaction and to increase levels of physical activity for potentially stressed-out workers.
  • The installation of an efficient heating and cooling system.

Oaktree's Office Refurbishment Solution.

After being presented with the above points in the company's brief, our design and planning team immediately went to work, creating a unique design to generate their perfect office interiors in Oxford.

To meet the their requirements in regards to improving communication and collaboration in the office, we introduced the concept of 'away from the desk', which is a way of affecting a cultural change and establishing better communication, increasing collaboration and communication. For the company, this is absolutely vital due to the many cellular spaces, home workers and staff based in the company's other offices internationally, who do not have an assigned desk within this particular office space.

Meeting the diverse working needs of the individual staff members is also something that we have addressed in the design of these office interiors in Oxford. By incorporating huddle spaces, click-share meeting spaces and touchdown areas for soft, informal meetings, the company will be able to cater for people who wish to work on their own or with others, in an environment away from the often-stressful desk areas.

In addition, the project will include a mixture of solid and glass wall partitions with manifestations and new furniture. Also included will be the installation of new mechanical and electrical infrastructure, including new lighting detail, plumbing works and new air conditioning and ventilation throughout the building.

In total, the company's new office interiors in Oxford, designed to host over 100 staff members, consisted of the following:

  • New flooring and features.
  • Reception, waiting and lobby areas.
  • Manager, director and staff offices.
  • Store and communications room.
  • An archive store.
  • Print and copy areas.
  • A work lounge.
  • Click-and-share meeting space.
  • Quiet rooms, touchdown and huddle spaces.
  • Hot desking area.
  • A staff breakout room and a tea point.
  • A gymnasium located on the third floor, including various exercise equipment and showering facilities.

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No matter if you're looking to improve your office interiors in Oxford, undertake an office relocation to Berkshire or to completely transform your current office design in London – we at Oaktree Interiors can help. For over 30 years, we have been creating bespoke office environments for many different business operations throughout the South of England. Our time in the industry has allowed us to gain a unique understanding of the art of office design, as well as retain a great depth of insight into the changing trends of the different aspects that allow for the creation of the perfect workspace.

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